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2D animated safety video

Manual health & safety inductions and in-house safety videos use up a lot of unnecessary time, and often lack the high level of consistency required for 100% compliance and zero accidents.

So here’s a better alternative: 2D animated safety video.

A budget animated safety video will

- explain your safety topics in a consistent, repeatable and memorable way

- motivate your workforce

- avoid the hassle of filming or in-house alternatives

- reduce the time needed for presentations

- potentially reduce the amount of legal issues you face

- deliver a more effective outcome compared to in-house ppt or video.

Classic BBC research shows that video virtually doubles information retention, which is critical for effective safety training.

Memorability is priceless in a world where everyone quickly forgets what you tell them.

Which is why safety advisers worldwide use professionally-made video in preference to in-house alternatives

- because it delivers greater compliance with their Safe Systems of Work.

Why is it so cheap

We build your video from a library of ready-made animated characters and scenes, which are then produced in Adobe After Effects, the world standard animation programme.

This eliminates the cost of originating new character artwork, and all the complex animation rigging & scene-building that goes with it.

At a stroke this represents a huge cost saving for the safety adviser.

What’s the catch

To get the lowest best price you choose from our library of animated workplace characters, scenes and objects (think: tools, vehicles, backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, workwear, etc)

If you need something very specific, such as a certain type of vehicle, or PPE, or hazardous location, we can do this too. But it’ll increase your cost as this additional artwork has to be originated to meet your spec.

If cost is an issue for you, instead we can include your photographs, so the price stays low, as no extra original art is required.

It’s that simple. Use our library and add your own photos or existing art

- or spend a bit more on some additional original art.

There’s no catch in this process. You see exactly what you get and what it costs.

Need a price?

See our Safety prices page for actual project costs of our best-selling video products.

Why guess? See what we charge.

How’s it done

Once you’ve decided on your video project, which can be anything from a full contractor induction to a short Toolbox Talk

- you share your current presentation content & materials with us.

In return you get a professional proposal and a clear price.

With your deposit paid, we arrange an initial webcam briefing and Q&A session with you and your safety team, which will take 30-60 minutes, occasionally longer.

From this briefing, we develop:

- a professional script to your approval

- sample visuals for you to approve

- an illustrated storyboard, again to your approval

This approach allows you to see & approve exactly what’s going into your safety animation.

You’re also offered a choice of top professional voiceovers, with sample reads of your script, so you know your voiceover choice will be perfect.

From here on in, it’s fire & forget. It’s studio work. You can leave us to animate your storyboard, and bring it to life as an animated safety video.

Once complete, you’ll be sent a draft video for comment & approval.

It shouldn’t need much extra work at this stage, as each previous stage has been already approved by you.

But all the same, minor tweaks may be necessary, eg, “make the third character a little smaller in this scene”, or, “can you speed up/slow down this section” and similar requests.

Final viewing, approval and delivery as 1080HD mp4 follow soon after.

Why choose us

We’ve been producing safety videos for 30 years, in many countries, in many industries, and in many languages.

We understand the issues you face every day. We’re there to add value and help you make the best possible safety video you can.

With 11 awards to our credit, you can feel confident in our capability to deliver what you want.


Next steps

Write in and ask us your question. You’ll get a prompt, intelligent reply.


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