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Online bingo game company, Bingo9, recently commissioned a web video production using one of Studio Rossiter’s in house professional presenters – Emma Redman.

The video is part of a website rebranding strategy Bingo9 are currently carrying out. The web video is intended for launch Quarter 2 this year.

Using a professional presenter for this style of video is all about creating excitement and the desire to play the game.

Emma Redman generates a tangible fizz the audience can relate to, tailor-made for this type of business – adding the human touch that no website text can emulate.



This home page video’s objective is to motivate players to immediately register with Bingo9.

A number of enticing offers and incentives were used to motivate site visitors to play.

The presenter also emphasised the social aspect of playing bingo online – the chat lines, making friends, and having a laugh!

Technically the web video was produced by filming Emma in True 1080 HD against green screen, and then keying her on to a motion graphic montage of animated graphic text captions and images. Delivery was as mp4 streaming video file.

Reckone Company Limited, CEO Mr. Parikshit M, was short and sweet in his praise of the production, “Looks good. It’s approved”.

Bingo 9 are using the presenter style of web video production to bring their game and website to life. After all who reads text!

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