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This is the turnover rate of UK businesses*

UK SMEs fall into one of three categories: newborn, living, dead.

UK attrition rates are quite high, and increasing.

Business intelligence leads to longevity, and this intelligence can point you to new customers, keep customers you already have, enabling you to out-compete your competitors.

Intelligence is also a resource of all your staff & suppliers. 

This shared intelligence can be applied to achieve greater certainty of results.

Data-driven business decision-making is an emerging trend of the last five years.

Think: Google’s machine-learning capability. 

Data-gathering informs intelligent decisions.

Applying this approach to your marketing system, and the media it serves, removes guesswork and minimises your risks.

Online advertising, for example, is completely data-driven.

Offline advertising is data-targeted. Who wants what, when.

The sales & marketing channels which give you greatest traction are face-to-face and video. 

They embrace several stages of the B2B customer’s buying journey.

Their traction is further increased when there is synergy between the two. Video leverages face-to-face and vice versa.

On a performance spectrum, business videos range from ‘dumb’ to ‘smart’.

Where they will sit along the spectrum is all in the data-gathering & utilisation.

The commercial performance of a business video depends on having great starting information. 

No reliable information, no sale. 

Video marketing then becomes personal guesswork and that means uncertain outcomes.

High-performance video takes an evidence-based approach.

Goals, content, style, delivery, all need data-driven planning and execution.

Unfortunately, without these essential building blocks your video is guaranteed to fail 

– or at best under-perform, for as long as that video is out there representing you.

Two to three years of missed sales opportunities is the typical lifespan of a under-performing marketing video before anyone looks to replace it, or to update it.

Another shocking truth is that most video production companies don’t have a system in place to produce high-performance, data-driven business videos.

And there’s currently lack of specialist market experience throughout the video industry.

Most video companies fall into the newborn or died categories. For various reasons they tend not to last long enough to gain relevant experience.

And lack of experience always equates to lack of quality in the finished product.

So, how to avoid this situation?

The first and most essential step is education.

Learning what to look for, what to avoid, how to marshal resources.

To learn in a simple, systematic way we recommend that execs and managers sign up for our one-to-one High Performance Video workshop.

A personal tutor will guide you through what’s needed to create the perfect business video based on your unique market requirements.

You end up with well-informed choices and a ready-made individual plan.

The best bit is – it’s totally free to qualifying companies. 

No strings, no catches. It’s a service we’re happy to provide.

We have every confidence in the process and its benefits.

Spend 15 minutes completing a short questionnaire to see if you qualify. The whole workshop experience will be a pleasant eye-opener. And fun!

You’ll come away better-prepared and more in the driving seat for when you next order a B2B marketing, sales or training video from any production company.

The knowledge you’ll gain can save you hundreds, even thousands of pounds of your hard-earned marketing budget. 

More importantly, it helps you succeed.

I look forward to helping you create your first high-performance video plan.

With best wishes

Kevin Rossiter – Lead Tutor, High Performance Video Workshops

P.S. I’ll leave you with one survey statistic which shows the scale of today’s problem of visibility & performance for SMEs.

“…. 99% of marketers already using video will continue in the year ahead – with 88% planning to increase spend ….. 74% of those who aren’t currently marketing with video say they expect to start in 2019 – compared to 34% in 2017 and 65% in 2018.”  The State of Video Marketing in 2019 [New Data] – Hubspot

*House of Commons Business Statistics Briefing Paper – Dec 2018