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Time for our final interview presenter!

And though she’s last, she’s certainly not least!

But you can find that out for yourself.

Q: How long have you been in the business?

A: For 6 years, ever since I graduated the ALRA drama school.

Q: How did you develop your talent?

A: Well, before I went into presenting I did a lot of acting work. I did some work in Emmerdale and a few short films. For the past few years I have also been a part time drama teacher.

Q: And that got you into presenting?

A: Yeah. I started to do corporate style presenting for a few different companies – like Pit Stop Productions and Cavalier Studios. Through these I got work promoting the London 2012 Olympics and a fitness game for the XBox. I’ve also done voiceover work for Marks and Spencers and Nectar Card.

Q: Have there been any recent changes?

A: Over the past 6 years I’ve seen a rise in online presenting work – most of which is corporate video. The current economic climate has meant that the acting jobs have dried up, but there’s more than enough presenter work to keep me going.

Q: What do you like best about what you do?

A: I like the variety it offers. Everyday is different – I get different challenges, work for different companies and I get to meet new people.

I also enjoy travelling, and a presenter is always travelling!

Q: How was the audition?

A: It was lovely.

The people there were really nice and friendly – and they were specific with what they wanted. This makes the job so much easier. They also has really hi-tech equipment – it was all very professional.

Q: Do you think Studio Rossiter will be a good company to work for?

Yes. As I said they were all very nice. They seem to be easy going yet professional at the same time. They’re also easy to get hold off – and they don’t keep you waiting.

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