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As you probably know – we’ve got a new presenter page!

And what’s more – we’ve got some new presenters!

And though Phil Hilton may be new to Studio Rossiter – with 28 years of presenting experience he’s certainly not new to the business!

He has a story to tell.

Q: How long have you been in the business?

A: Well, I started doing hospital radio in 1984. At around this time, the Irish radio industry was booming due what could be called to a legal loophole. Basically, radio stations in Ireland didn’t need a license to operate.

So I started working at various radio stations in Ireland – from local radio in the smallest village to nationwide radio being broadcast from Dublin. I did this for close to 3 years when I was offered a job at BBC Radio Merseyside.

I worked at the BBC for 9 years. One of the great things about the BBC is the variety of the role you have – I was able to do both presenting and producing. I found the job to be both diverse and interesting.

Q: What’s new?

A: I currently present a show called The Holiday And Cruise Clinic, which is a programme on Sky Channel 284, The Holiday And cruise Channel.

I interview holiday experts with my own questions and questions that viewers send in. I’ve been doing this for around 6 months.

Q: Since you began presenting, have there been any changes?

A: When I first started presenting everything was recorded on tape – we did our editing with a razor blade! If there was a bit of sound that we didn’t like, we simply scratched it out.

Computer have radically changed things. These days, everything is easier and better – and the content is of a higher quality.

Q: What did you do before you started presenting?

A: I had a couple of jobs. I left school in 1980 – and it was into a recession that was similar to the one we’re experiencing now.

I spent some time as a trainee manager at a department store. I was also a car mechanic – which is something I’m still interested in. I enjoy tinkering about with engines and things.

Q: What was the audition for Studio Rossiter like?

A:I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet everyone. Everybody there had high standards and everything was already set up. All I had to do was begin – so they made it really easy for me.

This allowed me to relax, which is important as it’s the only way to get a perfect performance.

Q: Do you think you’ll enjoy working for Studio Rossiter?

A: Absolutely. I’m very pleased with it so far and I think that working together will benefit us both.

I’m looking forward to the whole experience.

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