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We recently interviewed Paul Brown of LBS studios in the North West to find out a little more about what he does, his position within the voiceover industry and what he feels about working with Studio Rossiter.

Q: How long have you been in the voiceover business?

A: Just over 30 years. Me and two friends started the company in 1981, straight out of Durham University. We all had our own individual skills; my friends specialised in music and marketing respectively.

And I – of course – specialised in voiceovers.

We began by renting office above 10cc’s Strawberry Studios in Stockport – and it grew from there.

Q: What’s new for you?

A: There has been a great expansion of work lately. In the past, a voiceover would get most of their work through Radio and TV advertising.

But in recent years the demand has grown for online and multimedia work – things like e-learning and training.

So non-commercial voiceover work has increased dramatically and the market has become more varied.

This is largely due to the internet and the fact that most companies now want some sort of web based multimedia – whether that be a voiceover on its own or one used with a web video.

Q: Not including the different types of work you now do, what else has changed?

A: The introduction of recording via ISDN lines – something that took place in the mid 1990’s – has made my work based travel almost obsolete.

Whereas in the past I could only do 3 recordings in a day, I can now do 23 recordings in a day! This is because I’m not having to drive to different locations all over Britain – I can do everything from one location.

Q: What do you like about what you do?

A: I like the fact that voiceover work is so varied. One very diverse day springs to mind: in the morning I did the voiceover for the launch of a nuclear submarine – in the afternoon I did an advert for toilet rolls!

And if “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, then I’d be the most dangerous man in the world! What I mean by that is that I’ve acquired numerous bits of knowledge from lots of different assignments.

Q: Where will people have heard you?

A: I’ve done over 100,000 radio commercials. I’ve also done a lot of transport based work – such as Manchester Airport and lots of various ferry companies.

If you’ve ever left the country, then you’ve probably heard my voice.

Q: What’s it like working for Studio Rossiter?

A: Studio Rossiter make the work I have to do very easy and straightforward – They don’t faff about – they know how to present a script to get the results they want while minimising the margin for error. You’d be surprised how rare that is.

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