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Anthony Walters of Cinephonix kindly took some time out to talk to us about what he does, the music industry in general and how feels about working with Studio Rossiter.

Do you enjoy working with Studio Rossiter?

It’s great. I’ve been working with them for a few years now. They’re an extremely professional outfit and I enjoy the interactions we have.

How long have you been in the business?

I started Cinephonix in 2006.

The opportunity to start a business such as ours arose from the technical innovations that were taking place around that time. The web was really taking off – bandwidth became large enough for music files to be transferred quickly and efficiently all over the world.

We saw the opportunity to work with really talented musicians who were based as far afield as Norway, South America, India and Asia and get them original commissioned music work in the UK. Before then, musicians were constrained by geography – they had to be physically near the director or editor when a programme was being made. With the internet, music files can now be sent from anywhere.

After developing a portfolio of fantastically talented composers, we branched out and set to work creating a production music library that focused on quality music and simple straightforward licensing. This is the main driving force of our business today.

Do you like your job?

Absolutely – now more than ever. It’s a really interesting time for our company. Over a period of 5 years we have gone from having only a few composers to working with over 50 and counting. We also now sell our library music to customers around the world.

We’ve been determined to stick to our philosophy of quality though. We carefully select all our music tracks and aim for quality in our library – not quantity.

You say your work on a global basis. How ‘global’ is Cinephonix?

Very. We work with internationally based composers and provide a global license for all of our music. This means that – when you buy a piece of music from Cinephonix – it can be used all over the world. You don’t have to worry about licensing music on a territory by territory basis as with other production music companies.

Our customers like this – it allows them to deliver fantastic content with a versatile license that doesn’t place restrictions on where the content can be broadcast. So, if you make a video for a UK based company, and that company places the video on YouTube and it becomes a global success – that’s fine with us – your music license has already cleared you globally.

What genres/types of music are the most popular?

Broadly speaking, music tracks that are uplifting or positive sell the best- but then we also sell a lot of ‘suspense’ music. Indi-pop/rock, electronic-pop and classical-pop are also popular.

It’s difficult to say really. We aim to cover niche genres well and we always keep refreshing our core genre music tracks so our customers find something new each time they look. When you have a company like Studio Rossiter that makes numerous videos each year – with each one tailored uniquely for their clients – our job is to make sure we have exciting and compelling new music every time you log on.

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