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Birmingham Billiards require a suite of web videos to show off the high quality of their wide range of snooker and pool tables.

The current stage of the project is that of pre-production – more specifically location scouting and the delivery of the storyboard brief.

We asked Kevin Rossiter, the writer and director of the project, to provide an update on its current progress:

“Birmingham Billiards have approved 4 scripts – in fact, they seem really pleased with them. Last week we had a big storyboarding session that lasted for 3 hours. During this time I had the opportunity to look around their workshops and start figuring out the best way to film how a match standard snooker table is really made”.

Each video will be fronted by snooker legend Willie Thorne, mixed with a voiceover from Paul Brown.

What each web video will show

The aim of each video is:

> To show how Birmingham Billiards designs and builds each table on an individual basis

> To show the wide range of tables that Birmingham Billiards offer – from professional standard snooker tables to billiard dining tables

> And to show other snooker related products – such as snooker cues and snooker balls

The production of each web video is on schedule.

And the overall production process is going well.

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