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Text & messaging solution experts, VoiceSage, are intending to produce 3 Client Testimonial Videos, each one running at a length of 2 – 3 minutes. We’re currently mid way through production – and so far it’s looking great!

They want each testimonial to show:

> What they do for the client

> How they do it

> And – most importantly – that they can deliver a professional service on budget, on time and to a high standard.

Stages of production – filming

We have already shot one Client Testimonial Video. Its director, Kevin Rossiter, agreed to share his experiences:

“The difficulty with shooting any Testimonial Video is pinning the client down to a specific date for filming.

The video we’re doing at the moment is part of a suite for 3. To film the subject we used dedo lights – which are like halogen lights except they allow for a more intimate setting.

We also used a tilt on the camera – doing our best to avoid the ‘MD and potted plant look’.

The interview was filmed at the client’s place of work. This allowed us to film secondary footage like the workplace itself and the clients staff. In the final video these will be used as cutaways to make the interview more interesting to watch.”

Stages of production – editing

The editing of the first testimonial is currently taking place.

Victoria Rossiter – who is in charge of the edit and post-production – agreed to share some of her thoughts:

“I started editing with 30 minutes of footage – which has to be brought down to three and a half minutes. I’ve managed to get it to four and a half minutes, but losing the last minute is proving to be very difficult.

All of what the client says is relevant to the video. And it’s of a good quality – there are hardly any mistakes.”

The road to completion

Two more testimonials still need to be shot – and of course edited.

And the first testimonial is still in the early stages of post-production. Things like lighting effects and music still need to be added.

All in all though, the production of each VoiceSage Client Testimonial Video is going well and the project as a whole is on target.

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