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How to get fast video delivery and maybe cheaper too

Everyone wants their video yesterday, yet many customers sometimes do everything possible to make production slow. Here’s how to make sure it isn’t you.

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How to get fast video delivery and maybe cheaper too.



Often video production has to fit into a tight timetable, say for a rebrand or a new website launch or other initiative. The bottom line is you need it yesterday.

In a moment I'll show you how to work out exactly how long it will all take and how you can speed up the whole process without unintentionally losing quality, or making a sacrifice.

And possibly you could pay less.

What impacts on delivery speed?

1: The time your video production studio take.

2: The time you and your team take to approve the various production stages.

3: The style of your video whether it's simple, quick or complex. Let's see what these really mean.



Your video quotes should detail and summarize all the hours required to produce your video. All your quotes should.

Let's say you need a typical 60-second animated graphic explainer video.

The quote says it will take 43 hours or five and a bit days of studio work to produce. So you need to allow five days minimum for the studio to deliver.

This time might be a bit different for each video company so if you only need a quickie low budget animation, say for social media or a minor catalog item, then maybe a Toonly producer will work for you or a low cost volume video producer - the sort of company that will recycle their work from client to client.

Now this reduces your production time compared to the five-day video studio where all the artwork and animation takes longer because it's originated.

It's all about what's fit for purpose for your needs.

The beauty of it is you can choose, you can decide.

The key point is that your video quote or all your quotes should spell out production hours preferably in detail. If not, then why not?


The speed of your approvals is critical to the schedule.

Let's say the studio has five client approval points

- script approval
- concept art
- storyboard
- video
- voiceover and so on.

Now, turnround on each approval, let's say is 48 hours, two days.

So with five approval points you’re going to need 10 days of client approval time for your project delivery.



When you add all this up with our typical 60 second explainer video, you've got five days of studio time and 10 days for your own internal approval time.

So the whole project neads 15, 16 days total.

That's about three working weeks from project commencement and this is just for a single minute of video.

What if you and your team’s approvals actually take three days each? It’s still quick, it happens a lot.

Your project will then take four weeks from start to finish.

You can see that your speed of approval response is a major determining factor for fast delivery.



Now how can you speed it up?

First off, get everyone who has a say in your video project to diarize their approval dates in advance so they’re ready when called on.

Diarizing in advance is critical if you're in a hurry. Nothing delays a video project more than clients who are late with their approvals. I know this - it's an everyday thing or certainly a weekly thing.

It happens because maybe some senior person was out of the country and it's just held them up. Maybe suddenly a big deal has landed on your company's lap and you need to all focus on this and skip approval by a day.

The point is it has a knock on effect down the whole production chain because lost time can't be bought back.



On the supplier side, how do you speed up production? Some video companies offer attractive low cost packages as mentioned and they involve less approvals because their production process is inherently simpler.

This saves you time for both studio production and for client approval.

You pay less and you win both ways. Everything's faster and cheaper.

Need a price?

Marketing Filmed or Animated Video Prices
Training & Safety Video Prices

See actual project costs of our best-selling video products.

Why guess? See what we charge.


So let's compare the different styles.

A more high end company will need more studio hours and more approvals. They'll take longer and they’ll look slow compared to a volume video producer.

But there's not a right or wrong.

It's about you deciding what’s fit for purpose for the project you have in mind.

But obviously don't buy more hours and approvals then you really need, if you're in a hurry.



Ensure your video quotes show the hours of work and the number of approvals needed. You must have this information.

Diarize your approval dates and organize everybody in advance.

Fit-for-purpose low-cost production studios take less time to produce and possibly less approval stages.


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Now you know how to get fast video delivery.

Okay, back to work.


Author Kevin Rossiter has been producing business video for 30 years, won 14 awards, worked in many countries around the World, and is a regular blogger on business video topics.



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