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When editing, I often find that video clips don’t match each other.

This is because almost every shoot is multi location – because not everything you need to capture on camera is in one room or in one place.

So after a shoot the footage doesn’t match up.

Each shot looks different from the other in colour and contrast.

If you use video library clips, which is very common, you only add to the problem.

Wherever the footage comes from it all looks wildly different.

Customers can see this as their video doesn’t look as good as what they see on TV or cinema – even though the footage may have be filmed at high quality (say, True 1920 HD)

But customers don’t expect to get a ‘movie’ with a corporate video project, so they invariably say nothing and put up with the mismatch effect.

But there is an answer, and it’s called Adobe SpeedGrade, a new module from Adobe’s ever expanding CC Suite of video and image editing tools.

SpeedGrade is specialist colour correction software, and it has some great features that help create a great look for a video.

Here’s a really quick example, with some plain footage:



Here are the main features you need to know about.

Precise Control

With SpeedGrade the editor has control over every aspect of the image.

It has a vast collection of tools to alter an image – like the 12 way colour corrector, which can adjust every pixel to just how you want it to look.

Layers upon layers of small corrections in SpeedGrade add up to giving the customer exactly the final look they are after.

Which is part of our Studio Rossiter look – corporate videos that look like movies.

Seamless integration

Speedgrade works closely with our editing software Adobe Premiere Pro – using a DirectLink feature.

Seamlessly switching between editing and colour correcting greatly speeds up the post production process.

This means it isn’t a nuisance to make small fine corrections – where previously they might have taken ages.

Auto colour match

Auto colour matching shots is a well-used feature in Studio Rossiter.

The software looks closely at the colour and brightness of one shot and adjusts a second shot to match.

It is easy to spend a lot of edit time making shots look perfectly similar – while this new feature saves that time.

And this leaves more time for additional creativity, which is what all video customers want.


SpeedGrade doesn’t just match shots, it cosmeticises them too.

There are many presets for inspiration to develop a great look for a project.

Any good editor can build their own presets and use them repeatedly on the same job – so everything looks like it comes from the same place – and not the usual scattered mix of acquired footage.

These key features allow the editor to concentrate on what’s important – telling the story through creative post production.

Previous solution

Previous software adopted a time consuming process.

These solutions have often been prohibitively expensive for the video customer – or integrate poorly with the rest of the wider video making process.

SpeedGrade is integrated – hard-wired into Adobe CC – Studio Rossiter’s primary editing software package.

This reduces costs for both us and the customer, as it significantly reduces the need for unwieldy third party plug-ins.

SpeedGrade is not simply a niche that only helps some video customers – it makes every video look more like the blockbuster!

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