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Free Corporate Video Production Resources

Studio Rossiter offer a whole host of high quality resources in the field of Corporate video production, Web video production, Training video production and Foreign language videos.

Here's a comprehensive list of these resources:


Now published 6 times a week. We post information about our services, including video, multimedia, and web for business.

We also post interesting news we hear within the industry, and top tips on video production, as well as those all important video and web statistics.

The posts are written by our own staff, plus guest bloggers from our industry.

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Winning Trust With Marketing Video

Free white paper from Studio Rossiter

In this white paper you'll learn:

13 ways that marketing video can enable trust

How to talk to C Level in video

How to become trust-centric in video

Access Winning Trust with Marketing Video


Training Video Production Handbook

Every industry uses training videos, from retail to construction to manufacturing and commerce, and of course government, local government, universities, health services and all.

This in-depth guide helps Training and Safety Managers in all industries understand how to plan a training video production. Author - Kevin Rossiter

Access the Training Video Production Guide


5 Routes to Safety Video Perfection

This White Paper includes all the key points for planning your next safety video initiative. From the perfect script that covers all areas, to validating training with interactive exercises.

Access the 5 Routes to Safety Video Perfection


An 8 Point Primer to Foreign Language Productions

Based on our experience of producing hundreds of foreign language safety videos in dozens of languages - Our proven methodology means that your production still says exactly what it's supposed to, regardless of the language.

Access An 8 Point Primer to Foreign Language Productions


A Guide to Successful Business Meetings

A free ebook with mental and practical exercises to improve the quality of business meetings.

Access Successful Business Meetings


How to Plan a Contractor Video Production

The White Paper clearly spells out the 10 Must-Have Wins for a Contractor Induction video - backed up by a 14 point Induction Video Plan.

Access our Video Production Steps


20 Questions for your Workforce Training Plan

A comprehensive list of questions to ensure your workforce training plan leaves nothing to chance.

Access 20 Questions for your Workforce Training Plan


VDU Risk Assessment - UPDATED 2017

Are you looking for a free VDU risk assessment package that all your employees can use without previous training or supervision?

Our VDU Health & Safety Risk Assessment covers the following topics:

The Workstation
Environmental Issues
Work Organisation
Health Issues
Working at Home
A Test
The Risk Assessment & Printout

Access the VDU Health & Safety Risk Assessment


Employee Wellness Assessment

Are you looking for a free Wellness Program that all your employees can use without training or supervision?

Assist your employees in creating a healthier lifestyle and improving their overall quality-of-life.

This interactive application provides e-learning and resources in the workplace to all your web enabled employees.

The Employee Wellness Program covers the following topics:

Meals and Nutrition
Dealing with Stress
Coping with Shiftwork
Drug Awareness

Access our Employee Wellness Program


B2B Buyers Guide to Web Video Production

Every business with an online presence is now considering "when" rather than "if" to put a web video on their site. This raises a whole set of issues - not least of which is cost.

But importantly, there's a whole raft of unknowns you need advance warning of before you set off on your first web video production journey.

This 9 Point Primer is intended to help you navigate these new unknown waters, and get a better grasp of the overall picture.

Access our B2B Buyers Guide to web video production