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Many companies use explainer video to generate leads from their landing pages or primary website pages.

But did you know Fill-yer-funnel can significantly increase the number of leads won through video?

To discover if Fill-yer-funnel is right for your company, please check the diagnostic below.

Your landing page personal diagnostic

Which of these 3 statements best fits you:

1: You’re mad at your site because your pages aren’t delivering enough leads.

2: You’re fed up of site visitors who come & go without a trace.

3: You’re in a hurry for more names to fill your sales funnels.

If you’re even a little bit close to any of these three profiles, then you should know about Fill-Yer-Funnel.

It’ll enable you to make actionable videos that really do generate more leads.

The proof of concept story

We first started Fill-yer-funnel leadgen video in April 2018.

In the first 6 weeks we measured a 344% increase in new names & emails, compared with previous leadgen and content gating systems, including Hubspot.

We developed this novel approach further and measured the following results across 6 web pages:

> The top performing page has a 10% engagement rate, ie, 1 in 10 cold visitors give their name & email as a lead.

> 2 other pages report 8% engagement, ie, 8 in every 100 cold visitors leave their name & email

> 1 other page recorded 4%

> the remaining 2 other pages recorded an average of 2%

To understand what these numbers mean:

> 2% is considered average for page that’s been optimised for leadgen conversion.

> Many unoptimised pages report much lower figures. 0.1% isn’t unusual.

> 4% is double the average

> 10% is 5 times greater than the average lead-optimised page performance.

Once we confirmed this data we knew then that we were onto something. You can imagine the excitement!

So what’s a funnel

If you’re not already using Hubspot, Ontraport, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp or similar, this section is for you.

The objective of any landing page or primary web page is to capture or funnel names & emails into a database for long term nurture using email.

This is often supported by retargeting through Facebook pixel and Google retargeting ads, both of which are measurable, cheap, and affordable.

This is what we call a lead: The capture of a name & email for further marketing purposes, typically a nurture sequence based on a specialist in house list.

So exactly what is a lead

A lead can be any or all of:

– contact form enquiries

– demo requests

– webinar signups

– scheduled meetings

– gated content access

– product downloads

– sample requests

– anything that you consider a goal from visitor interaction with your site.

The key point is that Fill-yer-funnel wins more leads.

Tell me more about Fill-yer-funnel

There’s nothing else quite like Fill-yer-funnel.

Please watch this video.


More details here on our lead generating video production services. 

Thanks for watching. Happy lead generating.


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