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I think the first thing that springs to mind as a camera op, is being able to film the top CEOs of companies without breaking a sweat. Kind of difficult if you are filming in Dubai, but luckily we had a conference room at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel to thank for staying cool.

The job was to film interviews with numerous CEO’s from different countries all working for the construction company ‘Hyder Consulting’.

Resourcefulness was top of the agenda here, as all the interviews needed to be filmed on a black background for editing purposes and we were shooting in daylight hours. So across the curtains went and fortunately packed for the trip was a handy piece of black fabric to act as our black background. Pinned together by two crocodile clips to the top of two lighting stands it did just the trick, as in camera the screen was showing a nice black background.

Now for the interviewees, seated in time slots of around 30 minute per person.. each turned up and sat in a chair just in front of the black screen, ready for interview. I lit them with three heavily diffused Dedo lights and this was giving us a nice image in camera.

Next up was to attach a clip microphone to each interviewee, occasionally things don’t run to plan and during the interview if there is fidgeting or even deep breathing from the interviewee, there’s no where to hide if using a clip-on microphone.

The key is always to make sure your interview subject is relaxed, so it it goes wrong, crack a joke and deal with any issues during that time.. such as re-adjusting the microphone.

Whatever the issue, it is sooo important to never lose your cool and not let people who could already feel nervous, have a reason to feel even more nervous.

As a camera operator it is your duty to always remain calm, be attentive to the client’s needs and always keep a cool head.

At the end of the day I filmed 10 interviews, we met our schedule and the client was very happy.

All in all, a good day’s work.

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