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We recently produced an internal corporate video for Synergy Health.

The aim of the video was to inform the international group of Synergy staff that the company has improved – and wants to promote – its corporate branding and values.

This would give their employees a sense of belonging to the Synergy Health corporate community and motivate them to become a more positive and efficient workforce.

The corporate video

The video itself is just over 11 minutes long and features: live action footage, high quality motion graphics, informative and clear titles & captions, professional voiceover, and music.

It also features the CEO, who explains the importance of the company’s branding.

The corporate video shows the importance of branding for delivering a memorable company identity to potential customers and clients.

It gives examples of famous brands and explains how the Synergy brand should be just as recognisable and trusted when people think of healthcare products.

Synergy’s review of the corporate video

Synergy loved it – with them saying of Kevin – its producer – and the Studio Rossiter team:

“Kevin and his team delivered excellent value for the first Corporate Branding Video for Synergy Health plc. Extremely personal approach and we work closely together to have produced an inspirational and enchanting video. Will continue to utilise his expertise in video production/directing for foreseeable future projects. Highly recommended.”

We are happy that synergy liked the video and wish them every success in the future.

Click here to find out how you can have a corporate video like the one we produced for Synergy.

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