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A Studio Rossiter corporate video has helped Hyder Consulting win a construction bid in Qatar.

The construction project – worth $124,000,000 – will vastly improve the infrastructure of northern Doha, the nation’s capital.

And it’s the single largest contract undertaken by the Qatar government in 50 years.

Our video was used as a key part of the presentation that Hyder used to win the bid.

The corporate video featured:

> A brief history of Hyder Consulting

> A description of some of their past projects

> And profiles of some of their key staff

It was all put together in a way that was designed to inspire confidence – and a well deserved confidence – in what Hyder is and what it can do.

About Hyder Consulting

Hyder Consulting specialises in construction design consultancy – mainly dealing with:

> transport

> property

> utilities

> and the environmental sectors

In its more than 150 years it has designed and worked on such diverse international projects as:

> The Forth Bridge in Scotland

> Tower Bridge in London

> A complex and major viaduct in Hong Kong

> The M25 motorway – which orbits London

> And the Burj Khalifa – the tallest structure in the world – in Dubai

Their portfolio is as large, as diverse and as impressive as it gets.

And their history is rich.


2016 Guide to Digital Marketing

How corporate video was used to aid the Hyder Consulting bid

Corporate video can make the delivery of a proposition both entertaining and informative – the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

To achieve this, each stage of production – from planning to delivery – has to be specific in its detail and faultless in its quality.

The brief from Hyder Consulting was that the video needed to be around 5 minutes in length and had to showcase their work around the world.

Once the brief has been delivered, then the creative process can begin.

So the script was written – and approved by Hyder Consulting.

The storyboard was developed – and approved by Hyder Consulting.

And the corporate video itself, including its:

> Graphics

> Titles

> Voiceover

> And music

Was produced.

The corporate video describes many of the successes Hyder Consulting has had in its 150 year history.

It proves that the company has an enviable track record and is more than capable of doing the work that is required by the Qatar government.

Most importantly, it also shows that Hyder Consulting want to win the project and – in anticipation of winning the bid – have began making necessary preparations.

How the corporate video was received

Hyder Consulting liked the corporate video, saying that after the presentation “it was the talk of the town”.

The Qatari government also liked it – and it played a major part in Hyder Consulting being awarded the $124 million construction deal.

Studio Rossiter are happy that the video was well received and wish Hyder the best of luck with the project.

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