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Coronavirus Workforce Safety Video: New product launch

To help keep your workforce safe we’ve launched a new product - Coronavirus Workforce Safety Video.

The aim is to provide a low cost, fast turnround, custom video solution for organisations & companies who need to communicate clearly & rapidly with a large distributed workforce

- spread across a network of office, plants, and countries.

We all know video delivers a consistent, repeatable and memorable message, much more than any round robin email, dispelling rumour at a stroke.

While many companies & organisations already have in-house video production facilities, there are often restrictions on their use, eg, they’re already fully booked up for months, or there’s no reliable process in place to turnaround a video very quickly, or they have already video staff absence to deal with.

Coronavirus Workforce Video offers the following:

- low cost per minute

- turnround in 5 days, and possibly 24 hours

- a sophisticated 3D animated presenter style

- animated icons & captions

- existing photographs, illustrations and video used as required

- professional voiceover in the language & accent of your choice

- professional script & storyboard

- supplied as a 1080 HD mp4 video file.

If you want one, call us and have your credit card ready. We can start work immediately.

Costs are shown at the top of our Training Price Guide

Why do I need a Coronavirus Workforce video?

Keeping people safe at work requires everyone to be aware, informed & vigilant.

Never far in the background there’s a financial, reputational and human cost of inaction at stake.

Misinformation, rumour and panic are not a solution.

Your organisation’s response needs to be cascaded effectively to everyone, from board to management teams to operatives everywhere.

They can view on their phone, at their desk, at home, or in your Learning Centres.

Your organisation will already have its own Contingency Plan to cover issues like

- risk assessments & precautions you've taken

- visible safe behaviours your workforce must follow

- what to do if someone shows COVID-19 symptoms

- individual rights, sickness & pay matters

- work pattern or shift changes

- other concerns, such as high absence rates or homeworking

- or anything else relevant to the needs of your organisation.

This info needs transmitting clearly, unambiguously & quickly

- explaining what measures you’ve taken, and intend to take

- reassuring individuals at every level that their safety is your hightest priority.

Coronavirus advice from the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is available here. UK government advice is here.

A Coronavirus Workforce Safety Video will help solve the problem, helping keep your workforce safe.

Need a price?

See our Safety prices page for actual project costs of our best-selling video products.

Why guess? See what we charge.

Why choose us for workforce safety video

We’ve been producing safety videos for 30 years, in many countries, in many industries, and in many languages.

We understand the issues you face every day. We’re there to add value and help you make the best possible safety video you can.

With 11 awards to our credit, you can feel confident in our capability to deliver what you want.


Next steps

Write in and ask us your question. You’ll get a prompt, intelligent reply.


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