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So what is cloud computing and what effect will it have on the world of video production?

In a nut shell, cloud computing means running your software or storing your files externally to your pc, through the use of servers. Everything is held online nothing is saved to your computer.

The benefits of this are:

> You don’t have to clog up your hard-drive with unwanted files.

> You can access your work wherever you are in the world! – provided that you have internet access.

> A greater level of interaction between you and your clients

The good news is that it’s already here!

Google Docs is a great example of being able to produce and store text documents and spreadsheets online, it provides a central hub, so many people can work on a doc at the same time.

At Studio Rossiter we have already embraced cloud computing, and now all our scripts, storyboards and internal documents are produced with Google Docs, allowing for greater transparency and openness with our clients.

But so far all we have mentioned is global to the business world and not specific to that of video production – what area of cloud computing will benefit the video industry specifically?

That would be cloud based video editing.

This is an area of cloud computing that is still very much in its infancy but the concept is groundbreaking.

Unfortunately until there is sufficient bandwidth to support it, it will still be what it is today – a concept.

However, it will mean that editors, producers, film crews and clients can all be in completely separate parts of the globe, yet they can work together in complete unity.

The film crew can upload the footage after finishing the days shoot in Dubai, the editor can access the footage from his edit suit in Manchester (or even two editors who are remote can work on a section each), the producer can view the progress of the edit and provide guidance from back in head-office, London.

And finally, the client can be sure that we will get their video to them wherever they are in the world, in time to bid on the next big contract.

There are rudimentary cloud based video editing suits out there such as MovieEditor by Creazer, but they are still a far cry from the sophistication of industry standards such as Adobe Premiere or if you prefer, Final Cut. Maybe be 2013 will be a realistic possibility?

Here, we can’t wait for cloud based video editing to become the industry standard.

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