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We recently made a web video for Clinked, a company that specialises in providing professional office based network solutions.

They talked to us about the video selection, making and delivery process.

Q: Why did you want the video?

We wanted the video for 2 reasons.

We were entering a competition called BIG – or the British Innovation Gateway – that was organised by the telecommunications giant CISCO. The video was required to take part in the competition.

Also, we wanted a web video for our home page. Something that would have an instant impact on the viewer and at the same time be informative – so showed what Clinked did and how it works.

Q: What made you choose Studio Rossiter?

We wanted our video to be different – nothing corporate. Instead, we wanted it to be animated and to have a personal touch.

We began searching on Google and found the Studio Rossiter website – amongst others.

So we phoned up each production company and asked if they could make a video in a short space of time – bearing in mind we had just over a week to enter into the BIG competition.

Studio Rossiter said that they could do this and gave examples of their work as proof, so choosing them was a no-brainer.

Q: What’s the video about?

The video tells the viewer what Clinked does. We didn’t want web page visitors to have to read text and thought that a video would make a great alternative.

And it does – telling the viewer what Clinked does and why they should use it.

Q: Where have you put the video?

On our home page.

Q: Did Studio Rossiter meet your expectations?

They exceeded them. It’s quite incredible that they made something of such a high quality in such a short space of time.

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Have a look at Clinked’s great offering on their website –

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