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We caught up with our resident camera operator, Matt Routledge, and asked if he had anything new to share with us.

He did!

Q: So what are your latest jobs and projects?

A: I’m working on two things at the moment.

One is a pilot episode of what should hopefully become a continuous web series. I’m afraid I can’t talk too much about that due to client confidentiality.

The other is my own project – Psyche. It’s a short film about a woman who can’t tell the difference between the nightmare’s she has and her real everyday life.

It’s nearly finished and I’m making the necessary arrangements for it’s entrance to the Cannes Film Festival.

Q: Sounds exciting! Anything new on the equipment front?

A: I’ve just bought a Pico Flex Dolly.

Q: What’s that and what advantages does it bring to the user?

A: A Pico Flex Dolly is a camera dolly that is the size of a remote control car.

Its size makes it very flexible and maneuverable, which allows for panning shots in tight spaces.

A conventional dolly is limited by its bulk – whereas the Pico Flex Dolly can do a panning shot almost anywhere.

The camera is attached to it via an addition called a Magic Arm – which is basically a small articulated crane.

It’s great for tracking shots!

Q: What projects do you have coming up?

A: I have a few things in the pipeline.

Pretty soon I’ll be doing a shoot at Roehmapton Vale in South London – I’ll be using the crane to do a few external building shots.

I’m also going to be filming a contact juggler in York.

Q: What’s a contact juggler?

A: A contact juggler is somebody who takes a perspex ball and – through slight of hand – makes it look like it’s levitating.

Q: Sounds interesting. Anything else coming up?

A: The London Olympics. I should be doing a bit of camera work for that.

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