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Our new video infographic uses an instant impact style of production to deliver 6 vital web video statistics.

An instant impact style video utilises high concept production techniques to tell its story and deliver its message.

These production techniques include the use of:

> High concept graphics

> High concept music

> Fast-paced motion graphics

> And fluid animations

For our infographic, we took these methods and combined them to deliver a message that was both engaging and accessible – as can be seen from the video itself.

An infographic can entertain and teach at the same time. They are a perfect tool for making complex information simple and easy to understand.

We love infographics, and we love making them – with the videos editor, Harry Finch, having this to say:

“I love making video infographics.

They require an energetic style of animation – and there are far less limitations when compared to other styles of video.

However, there is a fine balance between being fun and eye catching whilst being informative at the same time.

After all, the main purpose is to educate.”

How a web video infographic may benefit your business

A web video infographic may benefit your business if:

> You have a complex product or service that you need to explain to a wider audience

> Your organisation has taken on new of staff and there are things you need to teach them – such as health and safety or procedural practices

> Or your company is going through a set of changes that need to be explained in way that’s engaging and accessible

Whatever your need is, a web video infographic is the best way to convey information in 2012.

Click here to find out more about implementing an infographic into a web video.

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