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What is an animated 3D presenter explainer video?

An animated 3D presenter explainer video is a style of explainer video anchored by a talking animated personality, telling your business message using video clips, animated icons & text, and often presented in the style of a TV show.

It’s often used by software companies and technologists.

It’s typically low cost yet highly professional.

They're also known as Animated Personality videos.

Their flexibility means they’re easily adapted to presenting the different aspects of a technology solution,

- from user workflow,

- to deeper technology explanation,

- to a vertical market presentation to a known target audience.

Animated 3D presenter explainer video - 25 pros & cons

The Pros

1: Proven style: Presenters for tv documentaries and business video are not new. Filmed presenters were the dominant style in business marketing until the advent of low cost animation. Now they've evolved to become animated personalities in their own right.

Consider that most TV shows have a presenter as standard, from Oprah to Andrew Marr.

2: Low cost: Most tech companies need a suite of up to 4 marketing videos to support their high priced top-of-page explainer video. An animated presenter video is priced to make a video marketing campaign affordable.

Animated presenter specification

3: High quality: The animated personality, with rich mixed media content and a studio background setting, supported by a professionally written script & voiceover, looks and feels professional. You could show it to the CEO of a major corporation without a problem.

4: Realistic: Unlike many 2d or cartoon explainer videos, an animated 3D personality is taken more seriously, with graceful movements, a realistic manner, professional lip sync.

5: Show your brand: The presenter and their studio setting are all in your brand style, using your colours & fonts.

6: Good choices: There are 12 different character templates to choose from, each customisable and badged to your brand.

7: Handheld props: A mobile phone and tablet make practical handheld props, and also make switching to full screen view easy and natural.

8: Smart wardrobe: There's a range of smart outfits your presenter can wear, even workwear, coloured to match your brand. Complexions and facial features like skin colour, eyebrows, moustache & beard and more can be customised.

9: Natural gestures: With over 30 realistic gestures to choose from, an animated personality is always seen to be acting appropriately, gracefully matching the script and visual content.

10: Flexible visuals: Stock footage, graphic design and motion graphics are all included in the package, offering a lots of scope for visual content variety, which in turn engages the viewer.

11: Fast delivery: It's generally quicker to produce than alternative styles of animation or filmed explainer video.

Animated 3d presenter explainer video

12: Differentiates: A 3D animation stands out compared to other forms of animated video.

13: Cheap fixes & updates: MIstakes and oversights are less costly to fix compared with refilming a live action explainer video with a human presenter, which may mean a costly reshoot if a small mistake appears in the final edit, eg, a late script amend needs adding, or even a whole new scene.

14: Less stress: The equivalent live video filming is a panicky process, unlike producing an animation studio-only video. Even the best planned live action video always has high stress moments.

15: Adwords friendly: An animated 3D personality style of production is readily adaptable to a Video Ad format suitable for Facebook, YouTube or Google Ads.

16: Likeability: 3D video is generally well thought of. Audiences like a character to follow.

Choice of animated presenters

17: Value for money: Compared to a whiteboard animation style and other low cost animated video routes, a 3D presenter video often looks & feels more professional for the money.

18: Looks expensive: 3D animation is generally perceived as the expensive upper end of the video marketplace.

19: Social media friendly: The presentation style works for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LInkedIn, Instagram and any social media online video platform.

20: Adaptable: This style of animation can incorporate your existing visual assets, such as existing video clips or graphics.

What do marketers think of animated personalities

The cons

21: Brand clash: An animated personality simply doesn’t fit all brand styles.

22: Needs outsourcing: A 3D animated presenter video requires Adobe After Effects animation software skills, which is beyond the capability of most in-house production departments.

23: Cost: A dirt cheap talking powerpoint presentation, with in-house produced slides, could tackle the same communication problem for less cost, but obviously without the flair & credibility of a 3D animated character.

24: Limited choice: 3D animated presenters are based on templates. Currently there are 12 different presenter templates to choose from. Some may find this restrictive.

25: Content: Not all visual content is suitable for the style. Another style like infographic or character animation may be better.

What if I don’t have the budget for it?

Animated presenter videos are priced to make a series of videos affordable.

For example, producing 1 video per month for 3 months can cost less than a single high priced animated explainer video in a regular 2D animation style.

If you're a tech solution or product company, a video per month is what you should be budgeting for, over a period of time.

What to keep in mind when making a 3d presenter explainer video

Getting the script content right is the core of any great video.

The script is the engine of your video.

So ensure you have professional scriptwriting assistance.

And back this up with market research to ensure your content:

- stands-out when compared to competitors in your marketplace

- is adapted to the audience profile you have in mind, ie, solving their unique problems, or vertical market issues.

Once your script content is perfect, your video production company will help you determine the visual content to match the script

- and produce an illustrated storyboard so you can see what you’re getting in advance of your final animated video delivery.

Animated presenter

Production tips

Mobile viewings

Your animated presenter video will be watched on a variety of devices, in different situations and possibly in different countries.

So as well as a standard 16:9 1080 HD version for your website, you may also need a vertical phone view, a 9:16 version.

Whether you need a vertical version will depend on the % of mobile viewings your Google Analytics indicate. If your viewings show a significant mobile viewing % then you’ll probably need a vertical version.

Square versions are sometimes used if Instagram or FaceBook are your key social media targets.
All the above is extra cost you might need to allow for.

Similarly, if phone viewings are likely to be common, don’t make your visual content too small or cluttered. While it may look great on a desk top, it might look untidy on a phone.

Animated 3d presenter explainer video

Foreign versions

Many developers, software and technology companies sell worldwide.

If your app / solution is in other languages than English, you’ll probably need translated foreignspeak versions of your marketing video. This applies to all styles of explainer video.

Don’t just use basic caption subtitles for this. Viewers can’t read and watch at the same time.

You want your foreign audience to see & hear the presenter speaking their language.

You’ll need to allow for foreign voiceover, which will add to your cost.

Production planning & delivery

These are the stages of producing an animated presenter explainer video.

The creative process - explainer video

You’ll need to map your production schedule to the above production stages.

Overall delivery can be within 4 weeks, though 6 weeks is more common.

Two week deadlines can probably be met, but expect to pay a premium, maybe 15% additional cost for fast track.

Can I outsource to a freelancer?

Freelancers might save you money, but they have limited skill sets which can impact on the effectiveness of your video message.

For example a good Adobe After Effects animator probably won’t be a good script writer or researcher even if they're skilled in 3D animation. Likewise a 2d animation professional may be less skilled in correctly using mixed media.

Also, freelancers aren’t so accountable. They can vanish if things go wrong.

You’ll probably need a video production company to feel comfortable and get everything 100% right.

How to budget

A high quality 60-90 second animated 3D presenter video should cost around £800 to £1,000.

Since you’ll probably want 2-4 of them to explain the many mysteries of your solution, you’ll need to plan for £1,500 to £3,000 spend per quarter.

Is it worth the time, effort & cost?

The first question you need to ask is:

“How much extra sales will a series of animated explainer videos deliver as marketing ROI?”

For example, if your solution is in any way complex, a single top-of-page explainer video probably won’t be enough video content to satisfy your audience. They'll want to see meaningful software screenshots, or shown best practice workflow methods, or understand your software or technology in more detail so they can check if it’s really right for them.

This means more marketing videos to explain the details that your customers want to know before they’ll commit to purchase.

Tip 1: Look at the overall video cost. Then estimate what extra sales this might generate. The answer should be fairly immediate & obvious.

Tip 2: The big advantage of 3D presenter explainer video is they take less time than an equivalent animated explainer video.

Animated presenter videos are actually much quicker to make compared with other explainer video or filmed marketing video styles.

Animated presenter - handheld props

But do bear in mind the time any video takes to produce is always longer than you might anticipate.

Like time, the effort involved is less, because animated presenter videos are less complex to produce.

Tip 3: While effort is required, it’s less effort than an equivalent full-on marketing explainer video.

Summary - pros & cons

An animated personality video is a low cost entry point if you need to make a series of marketing videos to explain your app, software or solution in any depth,

- particularly if you prefer using video over onpage web text,

- or otherwise feel you need to use video to support explanatory text.

For professional results you’ll need to outsource to a video production company.

While the presenter style is time proven, you still need to be certain it suits your brand style.

It works for social media like YouTube as well as website.


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