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We asked the boss a few questions!

Q: How important is the role of technology within web video production?

A: Technology has never been more vital.

It comes in four areas:

> Pre-production and project management

Where software is coming on in leaps and bounds.

> Image acquisition

Which ranges from the latest high quality small digital camcorders right through to laboratory stills and video clips – which are making their mark in the market.

> Post-production suites

These are now expensive and extensive in a way that could never be dreamt of before – and these must be adequately supported with a variety of visual effects and audio plugins.

> Delivery is also a fast moving area

That is video hosting and streaming. Most video hosting is inadequate for business in lots of small ways that the client is rarely aware of.

For example, video interactivity.

To solve the problem of hosting we developed our own high-spec system in-house – which we use for the hundreds of videos we stream on our own site and selected clients.

Investment in these four areas should be an ongoing process for any serious professional company.

Q: How important is it to upgrade software packages on a regular basis?

A: It’s vital.

Every release of video software brings fresh features, bugs and new features that still don’t quite work in the way that they’re supposed to.

This applies to editing software, effects, everything. The only way to get the features that worked as promised is to keep buying the upgrades.

This can prove expensive if you have a few editing desks to support – but obviously it’s worth it because better quality work is produced.

Q: What’s the best way to host a video in 2012?

YouTube is still second rate but it’s attractive because it’s free.

Vimeo offers a better hosting service than YouTube – but they now charge an annual fee for business video hosting, and are in the process of telling their existing users they must now pay.

Q: What is the future of corporate video?

One per page – minimum.

Many companies still haven’t got a web video, another large section only have one – but the truth is nobody wants to read.

(insert the video)

People don’t read text.

Enterprising clients will have whole networks of linked videos on their website before very long and I expect this to be the norm for the future.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who have never made a video?

Yes – speak to us!

No, seriously, get a professional. In the end it saves you time and money.

None the less, this wont stop legions of amateur corporate video makers wanting to “have a go” – which perhaps is a good process if only to make them realise they need a professionally managed production if they want their video to make their business a measurable profit.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Making video is thrilling!

Outside of family and say a terrific holiday there is nothing finer than producing a video that really excels in achieving the clients business objectives.

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