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Emma Redman is a well known professional presenter who our customers have frequently requested to present their business message.

Emma has become the face of their business.

With more and more work piling up, she very kindly agreed give us some time for an interview.

Q: What kind of presenting work do you do?

A: It’s varied in nature. From corporate video productions to live broadcasts and with companies that are both large and small.

Q: We know that one of these companies is Studio Rossiter. Are you able to tell us the others?

A: Sure. At the moment I’m doing some instructional videos with Kodak – and these videos are in conjunction with The Guardian and can be seen on their website. I have also worked with the consumer group Which?, the NHS and Tesco.

Q: How do you find working with Studio Rossiter?

A: Studio Rossiter are a great company to work with. They are very professional and know what they want. They don’t mess you about!

Q: How long have you been presenting for?

A: Well, I only started doing it full time in January 2012. But I’ve been doing it on-and-off since 2005 – this was with NHS interactive and the live shopping channel Eezee TV.

Q: Is there anything new on the horizon?

A: In April I’ll be doing my last video for Kodak. The main thing I’ll be working on though is my website. I need to update it – along with my showreel.

Q: Do you enjoy your work?

A: Yes! I love it! Though being a freelance presenter can be stressful – you have to make sure you are always one step ahead. At the moment I have a lot of work on and coming in, so I’m happy about that.

There have been times when I’ve had large scripts delivered to me in the night that have had to be learned for a shoot the next morning. Situations like this can be stressful – but I like the challenge!

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: What a question!

I’ll still be presenting, but hopefully for some of the big mainstream channels. That’s my ambition.

Q: Thanks for the interview Emma.

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