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Nine ways to push down the price of animated video and get it cheaper

9 different ways to get the price down – learn how to spend less and get more.

If budgets are tight, then this is what you need to know.

One of the PLAIN ANSWERS series by Producer Kevin Rossiter

Video transcript

Here are 9 ways to push down the price of animated video and get it cheaper.


1: Reduce the run time

Shorter run time means less work and less cost.

Less can always be more. Many people see less as an opportunity. So instead of needing two minutes, say it in 90 seconds and you save 30 seconds of costs. It couldn’t be simpler.


2: Reduce the animation complexity

Less complex movement means less work and less cost. So avoid complex character movements. Have characters move a little bit but don’t twirl or jump around and you’ll save money.


3: Reduce the number of characters

Less characters means less artwork you have to pay for developing more characters. Alternatively, you can re-use or slightly modify characters you’ve already made instead of making new ones. So, change the hair color, skin color, clothes color.


4: Reduce the number of scenes

Fewer scenes mean less work you have to pay for. So instead of having a scene change every six seconds, have a scene change every nine seconds.


5: Use clipart in your video

Clip or stock art means less time is spent originating artwork, which is always costly. Alternatively, you can modify existing clip art of characters and scenes instead of starting from scratch.

Reduce the time spent on originality.


6: Use animated graphics

So instead of using animated characters to make your video to populate all your scenes, use animated graphics. It’s a very acceptable alternative. You can use charts, icons, line diagrams, vector graphics, photographs, stock art, or even existing artwork. Just avoid characters. Use graphics and save money.


7: Use a freelancer

Freelancers are usually cheaper than video companies. You have to stick with what they prove they can do and this way you’ll pay less. Just make sure they can prove it. Remember, get the proof. Don’t take a risk. Alternatively, you can buy from the other side of the world, and you might pay half the going local rate.


8: Use a Toonly producer

Toonly and similar are low cost cloud-based DIY animated video production systems. Now, if you use a professional Toonly producer to make your video, they’ll do all the work and you can save big time over a regular video company. As before, just seek proof of capability first.


9: Use Toonly and do it yourself

Toonly and other online animation systems cost less than $100 dollars to start. It’s ready to use clipart and animation. Do it yourself and save a fortune.


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Okay, that’s it. Nine ways to push down the price of animated video and get it cheaper. Okay, back to work.

Author Kevin Rossiter has been producing business video for 30 years, won 14 awards, worked in many countries around the World, and is a regular blogger on business video topics.

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