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Low Cost Animated Video for Safety & Training PART 4

Budget animated video specification & choices

Safety advisers & training managers need effective animation so their workforces remember & apply the rules every day.

At Studio Rossiter you get to choose ...

  • from 60 believable characters
  • with 60 outfits including safety wear and colour branded workwear
  • who can do over 100 different animated movements such as walking, presenting, operating screens, working, discussing, and reporting.

Just what you’d expect real people at work to do.

Then we add

  • backgrounds
  • icons
  • work-related props
  • and captions to reinforce the key learning points ...
  • plus your site photographs where an exact image is needed.

Then we put everything together in your corporate colour palette, font and safety brand - all perfectly proportioned and laid out.

This is what safety advisers and training managers get when they choose to animate with Studio Rossiter.

Learn more about our low cost animated safety video here.

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