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Buying video is no small matter and during the 25 years we’ve been in business this is why customers eventually chose us.

1. They needed a fresh approach

Whether it’s for their marketing or training, every company has moments when a step change is called for. These defining moments need videos that make the customer stand out from the crowd.

2. They wanted someone who had worked in their industry

There is no substitute for experience. Knowing your industry and your audience is essential for good communication. Plus being able to write a compelling script.

3. An existing customer recommended us to them

Real-world results are what matter, so most people look to their peers for impartial advice before choosing a supplier.

4. They watched a relevant video in our portfolio

When considering ideas, watching well made videos helps to sharpen your understanding of what you want to achieve. We’ve always included a lot of material on our website to help this process.

5. They needed a company with experience of working overseas

When the world is your trading and training platform, maintaining your reputation in a variety of countries and cultures requires the highest level of professionalism.

6. They wanted top quality, but also value for money.

The two ends of the video spectrum are: getting quality but paying way over the odds, and getting a great price but an unsatisfactory finished result. If you know what to look for, you’ll find the perfect combination.

7. They needed a company that understood business to business

Business-to-business is a specialist discipline with peers and professionals who expect high standards and who need to know that you understand their business needs. This applies as much to workforce training as to marketing. We have been on this journey with B2B customers for 25 years.

8. For their first video they needed someone absolutely reliable

When it’s your first time spending a sizeable chunk of budget on video, you need to be confident you’ll get a result. You also need to know what to do with the video once it is made.

9. Their training needed an upgrade

Like any ‘product’, training has a life cycle. It may be content, language, workforce interviews and comments or just the look. Making training videos regularly helps us to keep up with the times.

10. They were about to bid for a large contract and needed a relevant video to spearhead their presentation.

Nowadays, valuable contracts are being won with customised video presentations that put across the bidder’s key points in dramatic, memorable fashion. A precisely tailored story gets results in two minutes that a Powerpoint won’t manage in twenty.

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