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What’s going wrong with marketing automation funnels

With many B2B marketers now using funnel automation systems, the big concern today is to motivate more site visitors to give their name & email in exchange for some valuable gated content.

So let’s see how this works, and how video fits in to generate a 344% increase in names gathered.

Using actionable video to overcome the barriers to clicking into a funnel is all the more relevant as users / site traffic are growing ever more reluctant to give away personal details, which is further spurred on by GDPR legislation.

Nonetheless, from this click action, the potential customer then goes into a marketing funnel Nurture Sequence which, as we know, is rapidly becoming the bedrock of modern B2B lead generation.

There are now a wealth of different funnel automation systems available, such as Clickfunnel, Hubspot, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Pardot, in fact over 50 at the last count, which is many more than even 5 years ago when only a handful existed.

What all these marketing automation systems have in common is that they all start the funnel process by winning more names & emails, usually in exchange for some valuable gated content, such as a pdf white paper, a webinar, or other content of value to potential customers who want to learn more.

What has to be kept in mind is that without new names constantly being added to the funnel, these automation systems become comparatively worthless.

So winning new names has now become a critical marketing activity.

And like all activities that can be improved on, it first has to be be measured.

Case Study: What we learned

By using a new style of actionable video called Click Motivator video, we saw a 344% increase in the number of new contact names won.

Specifically we analysed site data from 6 weeks before, and 6 weeks after the introduction of 4 Click Motivator videos.

This was done, on 4 different-but-related product pages.

The results showed a 344% increase in the total number of email contacts gathered, which by any reckoning is a huge increase.

This is in line with Google’s recommendations on actionable video.

So how’s it done?

Example Click Motivator video 1

The aim in this example is to motivate the customer to want to view a Price List. In exchange they have to give their email & name to gain access.

Try it and see for yourself.

You can view the video in its real life website context here.

What’s so special about Click Motivator video

Visually it uses a punchy, quirky & bold animated style, which appeals to many people.

The video is also very short compared to many videos, say, 30 seconds to 60 seconds max, which is good as short videos are usually cheaper and more affordable.

But the real secret lies in the underlying script & storyline approach.

The focus is on quickly reminding customers of their Concerns, ie, their pet hates, worries, fears & irritations

– then connecting these Concerns to the Solution, which we call a Remarkable Proposition.

As in: Concern =====> Remarkable Proposition.

All in 30-60 seconds.

It needs flair & imagination to bring the user’s Concerns to life inside a few seconds

– and some boldness to connect the Concern to the Remarkable Proposition, which must be outstanding in a very obvious, naked way.

This is what motivates more people to act and click the button.

344% more people by our count.

Obviously you need good customer profiling to accurately know their concerns, pet hates, peeves, aggravations and worries.

A Remarkable Proposition is essential too as this is what motivates the user to make the jump and click.

The video also has to be produced in a stand-out in style, but also in a relatively low cost style as many marketers will want a number of them once they’re satisfied it works, and delivers more names into the funnel.

You also need a contact form or email gate banner/button immediately adjacent to the video.

If you view the samples linked in this blog you’ll quickly see why proximity matters.

Example Click Motivator video 2

Try out another Click Motivator for yourself

Watch the video below – then do what you feel is right.

You can view the video in its real life website context here.

View the video in its real life website context here


Actionable videos need to be bold, imaginative and short to be effective.

They need to connect User Concerns to a Remarkable Proposition and then a Positive Action such as a button click and email to gain access.

The data shows that Click Motivator videos increased funnel marketing uptake, ie, email name capture, by a huge 344% over a 6 week period.

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