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New software video for old - case study

With terrorism & cross border problems endemic throughout much of Europe, it seemed like a perfect fit when Jenoptik Traffic Solutions acquired US vehicle tracking software developer, ESSA Technology, adding real value to their market-leading automatic license plate recognition systems.

ESSA’s Back Office solution helps:

- Manage more effective border controls

- Preventing terrorism, as well as helping apprehend terrorists

- and preventing smuggling & human trafficking, which is all too common these days.

As you’d expect, the ESSA acquisition came complete with a software marketing video explaining how their Back Office system worked.

The problem was that the 6 year old video was a bit out of date in its look & feel, and it didn’t show the full scope of Jenoptik’s solution.

And of course the corporate style of the ESSA video was all wrong.

They came to us with this problem, needing a fast turnround for a trade fair event, where they needed to showcase the new Back Office software solution to major potential new clients.

We all felt it was worth fixing the existing software video production, rather than paying for a brand new marketing video, as the core message was fine, and the cost of an upgrade was less than the cost of a complete video remake.

Still, the work involved was considerable. It was no quick easy fix.

It meant revoicing the video from US to UK spoken English, with an updated script to reflect Jenoptik’s extended scope of European solutions, as well as extensive storyboard changes to all the captions & graphics to Jenoptik’s brand style. Even the animation moves & effects needed updating, with new music thrown in too.

On top of this, the previous outdated 720 HD resolution also needed upgrading to Ultra 4K for event playback on a big sparkly screen.

Studio Rossiter Creative Director, Linda Rossiter says “the new company had a very specific set of brand guidelines that were very different to the previous, slightly garish 3D American style software video, so it was an interesting challenge to take the same content and match it to something completely new. And everything was done long-distance at arm’s length, as Jenoptik are in Germany.”

The outcome was successful with the client reporting back that “the film is very good, thanks so much! The animation is great and the voice is fantastic!”. We were delighted with this news.

It proves that “new software video for old” is very doable. More software & systems companies should consider this route when evaluating the effectiveness of their existing explainer videos.

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