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The European Space Agency have been a customer of ours for some years now. Our latest production for them "Science & Robotic Exploration" has now been converted into an exhibition version, so it can be shown at public events.

The video itself is absolutely fascinating, telling the story of the many expeditions ESA have sent up, including the Planck satellite which is mapping the Cosmic Microwave Background, a picture of the Universe just after its birth, 13.8 billion years ago.

Thanks to Planck, we’ve confirmed that our Universe today is dominated by Dark Energy, while there’s also a good share of Dark Matter. And only 4.8% is ordinary matter, out of which the stars, the planets, and we humans are made.

The Euclid satellite follows on from Planck, observing billions of faraway galaxies. It’ll reveal how Dark Matter acts as scaffolding around which galaxies are built and how Dark Energy accelerates the expansion of the Universe.

I don’t know about you, but this stuff is so compelling.

The video production, remastered for non-voiceover exhibition, is a mix of computer graphics, music, and explanatory captions, telling the story, for example, of the Gaia telescope mapping the billions of stars in the Milky Way, or the Herschel telescope examining where our stars and galaxies come from.

There’s so much in this video, like a history of recent space exploration.

All you BBC Science page readers will love it.

Currently the video is on exhibition in Madrid.


You can watch it on our Digital Video Production page.

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