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    Software, technology & startup video


    Silicon Valley financial technologists tell their story in 60 seconds, a game-changing blockchain that delivers instant international money transactions between banks.


    Animated infographic video explaining a new multichannel online payments platform. The video was designed to avoid using captions, just icons and imagery.


    Explaining how an Insurance Broker Mgt platform enhances every aspect of the broker’s business and profitability from the customer buying experience, to sales & support, to back-office


    Animated infographic explaining the benefits of the world's largest and most comprehensive datacenter design template SAAS library. It uses a mix of 2D and 3D graphics to get the message across.

    EV8 Technologies

    EV8 is a disruptive technology that changes the way we use cars & energy. It's aimed at CXO level in large corporations seeking to plan the future. It was produced as part of a social media launch campaign. 


    A low cost 2D explainer video with animated characters, designed to motivate customers to switch to online banking, produced as part of a series


    A 2 minute animated infographic style explainer video, produced in record time for an online conference, outlining the future of omnichannel bank marketing.


    So how do you explain a ground-breaking new technology to a scientific audience without either boring them, or going too deep? This 2D animated video explains how lasers can measure molecules.


    This video explains in 2 mins how GlobalPlatform are setting the international trusted standard for the secure protection of all digital services and devices, in a fast changing world, the Internet of Things.


    A 2 minute animated infographic Client Onboarding video, part of a series of sales videos, produced to explain MUFG's Fund Management system to a non-technical CXO-level audience.

    Software tutorials


    Software tutorial to explain Custom Fields, part of a series of Thinksmart tutorial videos that help customers make better use of the package, while reducing repetitive support call volumes.

    DS Smith

    One of a suite of software tutorials, this video demonstrates the 12 lever sales process, as part of a wider collaboration initiative between customers & staff


    One of a series of software demo videos. This tutorial shows how a doctor can manage a Patient List, using a tablet on the move.

    Marketing - animated video


    30 second character animation using 2D and 3D to quickly show how Safe's products protect the home in a simple easy online way.


    What does “the beating heart of diagnostics” mean? This animated video uses 2D dweebs to show how diagnostics are the result of a unique synergy that benefits patients worldwide.


    The Port of Djibouti, an East African trade hub, needed to demonstrate to shippers how their new automated gateway system has reduced the transit time for goods from days to now under an hour.


    Global Platform wanted a trust-building animated infographic explainer video to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, showing how they've been at the center of most major developments in that time. 

    Factory video - filmed


    Filmed video to showcase the scope & capability of their large manufacturing facilities, products and services to an international audience.

    KAB Seating

    How do you convince tough engineering buyers you can deliver error-free, high spec car & wagon seating systems? KAB Seating used live action video to showcase their new automated production line system.


    A filmed video with animated 3D graphics was Irish building products manufacturer, Quinn route to demonstrating its world class facilities. It was part of a series of product videos aimed at the builder.

    Marketing - filmed & stock video


    This 3 minute stock footage & animated graphics explainer video shows how Secunia’s Software Vulnerability Intelligence Manager automatically identifies potential attacks against companies large and small..

    BTC Networks

    Produced in Arabic & US English, this video uses animated stills, graphics & footage to show how BTC is transforming Saudi Arabia into a globally competitive ICT hub. It shows great diversity in a relatively short time.

    EV8 Technologies

    This video was one of a series produced for EV8. It's aimed at Change Managers and CXO level in large corporations seeking to plan the future of their industry. 


    From police to banks to government, fast ID verification is a daily problem. Docutector use video to prove how their online ID verification system can authenticate almost all major documents in realtime.


    C-Suite fintech video explaining MUFG's offering to the Portfolio Manager, COO, CFO and Investor Relations Team. One of a series of financial videos we produced for this division of Tokyo Bank.


    Cleaning products demo professionally filmed in a hired location, starring a likeable male presenter who cheerily shows how to get rid of kitchen stains.


    SynergyFlow technology transforms the way enterprises use & deploy knowledge capital within critical business projects. The stock footage and graphics video was the style of choice.


    Mixing professional actors with real people to promote a Portfolio Management platform from one of the world's largest banking groups. It was filmed live in the City of London.


    Animated safety induction

    Nesco Resources

    Coast to coast outsource agency, Nesco, used low cost 2D animated characters to induct their staff. Here's a sample from their contractor safety induction video.


    Living Goal Zero is the next stage in the development of infrastructure constructor, Colas Canada's safety culture across the North American continent.


    This 2D animated safety video was custom-made to include original characters showing the impact of accidents and the importance of correct procedure to BP's Indonesian workforce.


    This video module was part of glass giant, NSG's new international contractor induction. Subsequently it was produced in Latin Spanish, Malay, Polish, Vietnamese and German.


    A high end safety induction video using a naval presenter character to demonstrate the safety to guests onboard a luxury super yacht, including floor plans and safe routes.


    One of a series of 2D animated safety induction videos, this one without voiceover, for the TEP Hazard School, part of BP in Indonesia.


    Site induction video

    Produced in a low cost animated 3D presenter style, aimed at rapidly inducting visitors to McGrath Group's advanced recycling facility.

    Filmed safety induction video


    Friendliness training is part of an interactive programme that validates each module as it's learned. It's fronted by a professional presenter with own staff demonstrating  customer service techniques.

    Chivas Regal

    Summary section of a filmed contractor induction video. The objective was to produce a video that inducted more effectively, yet took only a 1/3rd of the time normally spent in induction.

    Molson Coors

    Filmed video - Part of an interactive new starter & contractor induction for 9 huge brewing sites spread across the North of England. No actors we used, just own staff.

    Training video filmed & animated

    DS Smith

    Introduction to the torsional stiffness test

    Costs Lawyers

    Changes to CPD for Costs Lawyers


    A one minute explainer video with a likeable animated character (Jurgen Klopp), explaining Malvern Panalytical's new self-install system, saving users installation time, and getting them up & running more rapidly.


    Promoting low cost DIY blood tests at home for ordinary consumers who need to know their vital bloods. This video demonstrates how easy it is, with filming in South Wales using a professional actor.

    NTT Data

    Diversity matters at NTT Data, so we produced this low cost animated 3D Presenter video to explain the Diwali Festival to their diverse workforce.

    Malvern Panalytical

    A likeable custom 2D animated character offers a simple introduction to the technique of MADLS, a faster more accurate technique to measure the size of nanoparticles and macromolecules. 

    European Space Agency

    Video helping to raise government awareness of the central role space solutions play in the working of a modern society




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