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The purpose of training is to make people competent for their role.

But for this to happen successfully they have to remember what you tell them.

Remembering is fundamental to training, yet we now know that up to 90% of training is forgotten inside a week

- exploding many training myths in all our faces

- and leading many under-resourced trainers to quietly hold up their hands and say "what can I do?!"

Interactive multimedia training changes all this by giving you absolute confirmation that the training received has been validated comprehensively

- and that the individual is demonstrably competent.

It gets to the guts of the issue - that training is quickly forgotten.


What is interactive multimedia training

It's desktop PC-based training that involves the individual continuously

- from the first click to final pass mark

- and is substantially different to powerpoint training where the individual merely sits back and witnesses the training session, followed by a test at the end.

The difference is Continuous Involvement.


What is Continuous Involvement

Imagine an operative or manager sitting at a PC, logging in with their works number.

From the training multimedia menu they select the course they need.

For simplicity let's say they need a Company Induction.

Invisibly in the background, the system knows

- who they are,

- what the training is for

- and then selects the precise modules that individual needs to see.

For example, a new starter will need to see different modules to an engineering contractor.

Immediately they start, the operative or manager is presented with a series of slides

- which could be graphics, animation or video - all with accompanying voiceover explaining what's going on - continuously combining sight & sound for higher retention.


Using the mouse they can learn through:

  •  text information onscreen with accompanying voiceover to reinforce
  •  actual doing, such as clicking on objects or icons onscreen to make things happen
  •  watching someone speaking to them as a short video clip (a fresh face works wonders)
  •  seeing actual photographs or video showing what's needed
  •  carrying out an animated task that completely involves them
  •  watching a youtube video
  •  any digital medium, sight or sound


As soon as they've watched a section - which involves substantial participation from them

- they're presented with a short quiz validating what they've just seen.

The quiz might be simple multiple choice

- but it could just as easily be "find the hidden objects" or "drag the answers into the correct box" or "connect the icons in the correct order".

Either way, they can't get past this section without passing the test.

If they fail, they have to do the section again, until they pass.

Only then can they move on to the next module and repeat the process, ie, see & hear the training and get involved

- then pass a final interactive test.

With Continuous Involvement like this it'd be difficult to forget what you learn.


Who needs interactive multimedia training

Any one who needs training for a criticaL role

- where forgetfulness isn't an option.


5 interactive training multimedia examples

1 - Training new starters

2 - Contractor induction

3 - The retraining of existing staff in new technology, policies or operating methods

4 - End-user training, showing your customers how to get the most out of your product or service

5 - Health & safety motivational training

There are as many examples as there are job roles in industry, retail or commerce.


What else can interactive multimedia training do

Interactive multimedia training can be online as html5 in a browser, or offline as a DVD-R or disk-based .exe file.

It can include voiceover, video, animation, stills, graphics, icons, games quizzes, drawings, cartoons, puzzles, a presenter, or anything digital.

- whatever works to make the most impact on the individual.

All the training elements in a multimedia package can be modularised so the individual only ever sees what they need to see for their particular role.

The results can be uploaded into your learning management system (LMS), and to HR records.

And each small section is validated as-you-go - with a final big test at the end.



Continuous involvement is the only effective way to learn.

As the wise sage once said "Involve me and I will understand".

Merely witnessing training is the reason why most training is forgotten so quickly

- because the individual is "done-to" rather than being "part-of"

- because it doesn't get to the guts of the issue.

Interactive multimedia training corrects this because it involves like nothing else on earth.

And that's why it's remembered.


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