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Company Change – upsizing or downsizing

When companies merge, or acquire other businesses, training is often high on the immediate to-do list. When re-defining roles and activities, additional training resolves the inevitable communication issues.

Mass training with video is quick, accurate and targetable.

Within 4-6 weeks, a company can deliver video-supported training programmes to what is essentially a new workforce.

Upsizing brings with it a workforce unfamiliar with your current training. Downsizing, on the other hand, may require more multi-tasking, which is also a re-training issue..

The numbers of people involved in these changes can be tens, hundreds or even thousands across departments and sites.

They need speedy orientation or else stagnation starts to affect productivity.

Ask for examples of a multi-site approach to video training

Problems, Compliance, Standards – better than it was before

When problems recur and standards slip, or training delivery is inconsistent it’s time for a quick revamp.

Are employees and contractors getting the message? More importantly, is their current training effective? Is compliance happening, grumble-free? Are the standards you set credible, unrealistic or too rooted in the distant past?

The mantra should never be “This is the way we’ve always done it here”. Practices change and standards improve. Training upgrades are a necessary consequence.

Making video training modules using peer-supported statements gets better results, which is why more organisations are using them. Nowadays, top-down is seen as too remote, whether what you are after are improvements on the shop floor or compliance out on site.

Training needs practical examples and plausible statements about what ‘good’ looks like by people committed to the job. Your trainees need champions they can relate to.

Most companies have plenty of respected, well-liked employees willing to pass on the benefit of their experience or to endorse benefits to be gained from new working methods.

Ask about our peer-led approach to video training

Products, Plants, Staff – evolving corporate values

As the business globe shrinks and companies enter new markets, product cycles become faster, factories need managing in more countries and workforces no longer respond to the one-size-fits-all approach.

Training becomes regional, multi-lingual and culturally sensitive. Successful companies start embracing these more inclusive values.

The most successful companies are way ahead of the curve when it comes to human relations or appreciating customers.

Ask about our multi-lingual training videos

New Training Methods – developing potential, measuring results

All human resources need training, then managing. More of the former usually requires less of the latter.

Training has deliverables and new programmes can be accurately measured, especially when interactive or online.

Web-based interactive multimedia offers the potential to upgrade skills and values around the clock, and even around the world.

Interactive training takes the guesswork out of outcomes and provides a greater understanding of individual needs within a workforce. E-training sets up a powerful feedback loop.

Ask about how to use multimedia video for training

Finally …… there’s no reason to stand still

Responding to the needs of the time has never been easier. Help is an email away.

Whether what you’re after is:
> a measured, long term training upgrade for the business,
> an immediate response to a natural disaster, like this year’s flooding,
> a solution to legislative changes,

rapid-response resources are to hand.

Today’s video technologies and production know-how deliver stunning quality at a fraction of yesteryear’s prices and are a boon to any new HR Director or Training Manager.

To kickstart the training upgrade process, ask a couple of intelligent questions to a video training professional with experience in your industry.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get your latest thinking into action.

For no-obligation, expert advice and samples

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