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If I were to say to you “the large organisation of 2012 needs a training video production”, you would want to know why.

Most large organisations don’t have all of their staff located in one building.

This can apply to a range of industries:

> The construction sector

Staff in the construction sector can be located just about anywhere.

They could be on-site doing the actual construction, in a factory producing its required materials or in an office taking care of the administration – aka red-tape!

> The retail sector

Retail companies tend to have their staff located all over the country.

From supermarkets to dog food distribution centres, in order for a large retail company to grow – and indeed survive – it has to spread itself.

But if you don’t provide effective management and communication, there is a danger that it might spread itself a bit too thinly.

> The service sector

Large companies within the service sector – such as a banks and insurance brokers – tend to operate from different locations.

From a call centre to a branch – having a wide range of locations is key to keeping the customer happy.

It’s the only way to be truly accessible.

So what’s my point?

My point is that a consistent repeatable memorable message is needed.

You have to reach all of your scattered staff with one voice – your voice.

The best way to do this is through a training video production.

A training video production will enable you to get a precise, unfiltered message to every member of your organisation.

This can be achieved by using a circulation of DVD’s – and then playing it as a film on the TV – or hosting it on a web based staff intranet.

So what’s the right training video production for you?

Custom Training Video Production VS Off-The-Shelf Training Video

An off-the-shelf training video is a generic production that’s used by a number of different companies.

For example, an off-the-shelf training video that educates people about how to lift items teaches a standard method of lifting that adheres to a national standard.

And it will offer nothing more.

Learning this type of thing may not be applicable to your company.

Your company may require a video that teaches people how to lift things that are a bit more delicate than a cardboard box.

In cases such as this – you have to make a custom training video.

Why use a custom training video production

A custom training video production is catered to your specific needs.

Health and safety regulations demand that you take responsibility for your staff’s safety within your working environment – no matter how complex that environment may be.

And for good reason.

The rules are there for a reason – non-compliance can lead to accident, injury or just a downright unpleasant experience.

Which will result in a lawsuit.

So the specific rules of your organisation have to be communicated to your staff in an way that’s effective, efficient and yet precise to all viewers.

And this doesn’t just apply to manual work – retail and service businesses such as shops and banks are subject to all types of regulation.

For example:

> If a shop assistant mistakenly sells alcohol to a person that’s underage

> Or if a banking advisor accidentally gives misleading information when selling or advertising a financial product

They – and you – could face prosecution.

Unfortunately, this is the risk you take when you give people important information to read – reading just isn’t done these days (unless it’s on the internet!)

Creating an informative custom training video production is the best solution.

From pre-production to editing – every part of your video will be tailored around the messages that you want to get across.

Can you really take a chance in not having one?

What a training video production can mean for your organisation

A training video production is a cheap and efficient way to get a consistent repeatable memorable message that you can project to all of your staff – no matter where they are located.

There is no better way to keep your organisation connected with the latest developing news than by delivering it through a visual program.

Click here to for more on what a training video production can mean for your organisation.

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