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Q: We’re looking to produce a video to help train our new life insurance sales consultants how to sell life insurance and our other products such as medical insurance. It will include how to handle customers and motivation.

Marketing Manager
Life Insurance Group
South London

A: For a life insurance sales training video, a drama with a cast of actors immediately springs to mind.

To show new starter life insurance consultants how to sell, you need to simulate actual sales situations, showing all the interpersonal skills required, as well as objection handling, obtaining referrals, and closing the deal.

Different types of sales situations could be produced as modules on an interactive DVD, which you could add to over time.

The non-video alternatives such as role play and workshops, as well as classroom product training have worked well for your industry over the years.

Obviously product training such as medical and health insurance sales, accident insurance, disability cover, retirement and pension funds, as well as life cover are suited to classroom training.

But the practical application of selling skills is a more than passing on sales tips, or lessons in handling objections.

Consistent high quality repeatable sales dramas will guarantee excellence every time.

Also consider that many potential life insurance sales consultants quit within the first few weeks of starting. It can be a bit like cannon fodder. If even an additional small percent of these new starters could get through the initial period then the revenue they subsequently bring in will more than justify your investment in video training.

Using a cast of actors in a video drama could be divided up into modules such as:

> Introducing yourself

> Getting the prospect to discuss their circumstances

> Introducing the product and its feature benefits

> Personalising the package

> Obtaining agreement

> Closing the sale

> Obtaining further sales referrals

> Identifying the need for other insurance products

Each of these modules could be driven from an interactive DVD.

In additional, some voxpop interviews with your best life consultants will show how it feels to be a success, earning big money, and enjoying more of life, will provide any additional motivation that is required.

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