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Q: There was a death at one of our plants last year and we’d like to produce a safety training video that uses animation to recreate the event. It happened when a fork lift truck unfortunately ran over an employee.

We’d also like to combine this with our current safety messages

Group Safety Director
International Manufacturing Group

A: More safety trainers, advisers, and directors should think the way you do.

Tragic incidents do occur yet apart from those involved, who get buried under paperwork for months or years, the safety messages to be learned rarely get carried with sufficient force down to the shop floor.

Let me construct an outline video story for you and suggest how it could be done:

> Reconstruct the incident in 3D so people can see what actually happened (minus the blood and personal or legally debateable details)

> Follow it up with an analysis of what happened and why. Using 3D animation this can be reconstructed from the driver, the pedestrian and the onlooker point of view. The audience can then understand why the event occurred – usually from overlooking something “trivial”.

> Use video and graphics to illustrate the Danger Zones around fork lift trucks.

> Use voiceover and video footage to explain how danger zones change, depending what the vehicle is doing, and where it’s doing it.

> Reinforce the rules of working around fork lift trucks and danger zones. Stress the importance of safe behaviours.

> Summarise with a heartfelt exhortation from the CEO, to show concern right from the top.

Obviously this can be varied to suit almost any incident, but you get the idea.

I’d then suggest producing the safety video as an interactive DVD.

This would have different versions for viewing by:

> Drivers

> Operatives

> Team leaders (the people with the most direct responsibility to make safety happen on the ground)

> Managers (whose example and attitude will often define safety for their area)

It’s not difficult to cut different versions for different audiences. It usually only involves a few small changes per version.

By doing this, you ensure the right training messages are getting to the right people, which is the most effective route.

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Safety training videos should always be more than mindless reiteration of the rules.

A concerned safety adviser will always take advantage of events (including tragic ones like this one) to initiate new communications that show the daily relevance of the rules and safe behaviours expected in risk areas.

A custom safety training video will deliver exactly this for you.
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