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Q: After requests from our many customers and contacts throughout the industry I set about the task of writing a training video production handbook.

After 10,000 words it's now written, and going through proofing stages.

It'll be available free at a rate of 2 chapters a week commencing next week,and be part of our Resources.

If you're interested in training video production whether as a client or a video producer, hopefully you'll find something useful, better still usable contained within it.

To get appetites whetted, here are the contents of the Training Video Production Handbook.

Kevin Rossiter
Video Producer

A: Training Video Production Handbook

All content copyright 2008

Training Video Production Course Content

Introduction to Training Video Production

Delivery Plan

A Personal word from the Author, Kevin Rossiter

Training Video Production Planning

Script writing


Delivering an approved script

Producer./Client Relationship

Script Do's & Dont's

Audience Rule of Threes

Determining script content

Voiceover Script Tips

Vox Pops Tips

Sample Guidance Notes for Interviewees

Talking Head Script Tips

Actor Script Tips

Writing actor scripts



The Storyboard Meeting

The Storyboard Process

Shoot Planning



Making Footage more interesting

To Shoot Demonstrations

Bringing Scenes to Life with Lighting

Dealing with Talking Head VIPS

Arranging the shoot with a VIP

When on set with a VIP

VIP background sets

Actors & Artists

Hiring Actors - Tips

Voiceover Artists

Voiceover Objectives & Pointers


Where and when to use graphics

Use of 3D animation


The objectives of the soundtrack

When recording sound on set

8 Top Tips for the Aspiring Training Video Producer/Director


Editing & Post Production

Dealing with clients who want to make too many changes at the last minute

Quick Pointers for Training Video Editors

Interactive DVD


5 Training Video Production Ideas

© Studio Rossiter 2008

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