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Q: I am looking to create a series of training videos demonstrating our tire remanufacturing process.

We have a number of dealers who have requested that we post the training series to our website.

Included with each video of the series we would like to include a test and graduation certificate. I need to develop a proposal and budget to complete this project.

What information would I have to supply to determine the costs of this project?

Account Manager
International Tire Manufacturer

A: The best way to define a spec for a training video is to list all the content you require as bullet points. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t take you long to rattle off a quick list of bullets, and yet we are able to determine approximately how long the runtime of your video is, which is a key determinant in cost.

You also have to specify how many different locations you require. Location shooting needs thinking about carefully.

For example rather than go to shoot an additional plant, you could take a few photographs as these will look good in your video. And if key areas in the photo need to be highlighted we can add graphic arrows and circles and suchlike to bring out these points.

You mention that you need a series of videos. I’m assuming these are all short “how-to” modules, which could all go on your final DVD. As before the main point is to have as few locations as possible, if you’re sensitive to costs.

There’s often a struggle between wanting lots of locations as it makes a video look great to have lots of different locations, and the need to manage the budget which has to pay for all these relatively expensive shoots.

What can add some zest to training DVDs is to use a professional presenter. They can add a lot of the background info that as series of training modules of ten requires, and they can double as voiceover for the “how-to” segments of your training programme.

What makes a presenter extra useful for you is that your modules will be viewed online by customers. Using a presenter will enhance the professionalism of your presentation to them.

Looking at the online Test & Graduation certificates. This needs to be spelled out in more detail.

Are we talking about an online certification which involves an interactive training and certification process. Or is it simply having pdfs of documents to be downloaded and completed by an authorised person at each local dealer?

Hope this helps
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