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Q: We’re a High St bank and we wish to train staff in all our branches to become more energy-conscious, and develop new ways to save energy at work.

We’ve already successfully run a pilot scheme in one metropolitan area, and would like to see these benefits spread throughout the group.

We’re considering a training multimedia to promote this and motivate staff, particularly branch managers, to get started.

As well as being part of our environmental strategy, energy saving is also part of our corporate and social responsibility agenda.

What would you recommend?

CSR Manager
High St Bank

A: You’re considering a training multimedia? Making sure I get the picture straight:

You’ve implemented a local staff-driven energy saving initiative as a pilot scheme in one area, and now wish to develop this throughout your branch network.

Since you have a multimedia PC available in every branch, then you feel a training multimedia CD-Rom is potentially the best approach, as you have the technology to deliver.

I have to agree, for the following reasons:

> A training multimedia cd-rom is much more vivid and impactful than a relatively static multiple choice elearning module.

> Motivating staff in branches other than the pilot is vital for the success of the project, indeed for the whole CSR agenda. And training multimedia do motivate.

> Energy savings resulting from this initiative will many times payback any initial investment in a multimedia cd-rom.

Looking at the project in hand, here’s a simple structure, mapping out a series of 7 presentation slides.

I’d recommend the slides were richly illustrated and animated to graphically tell the story, supported by a designed theme.

I’d also strongly recommend using a professional voiceover to narrate the training message.

Slide 1: Have a good impressive opening slide for the title sequence.

Slide 2: Show examples of what can go wrong if we don’t work together to reduce our energy needs, eg, oil will run out, maybe the weather will get worse with global warming and hurricanes, and so on.

Ensure that individuals feel they can help, that they can individually make a difference.

Slide 3: Show the results of the pilot energy-saving initiative, but project this as how individuals made the difference, rather than show it as a large scheme from group or head office.

Slide 4: Personalise this by showing photographs of the people who made a difference. Use their quotes as soundbites to publicise their efforts. For example, use comments like:

Everything was useful and important to the branch and the company

Really enjoyed the challenge – and good fun

Confident we will be successful

Training like this motivates other staff throughout the network to want to have go and try and save energy for themselves.

Slide 5: Ask staff in other branches, in other areas, to commit to making a difference. Nothing happens without commitment, so ask for it.

Show what their commitment delivers.

For example, explain how easy it to save the energy equivalent of driving around the world in a small car, or saving a plane flight. Multimedia excels in showing these types of examples graphically.

Draw common easily understood parallels.

Slide 6: Show what commitment delivered for the staff in the pilot.

Show precisely what energy savings they achieved and what methods they used, eg, use of electrical timers, energy-saving light bulbs.

Back this up with actual kilowatt hours of energy saved, and the relatively fast payback (ROI)

Slide 7: Wrap it up by explaining what individuals and branch managers can do next to get the energy initiative started in their branch. Show where they can find the training and skills they need on your intranet.

There it is. Seven training multimedia slides that will have your workforce itching to get started, and saving energy in their branch.

You could support this training multimedia cd-rom with an online elearning module which explains actual methods, ways and means, to consider in every branch. Your IT department will advise on implementing this.

A training multimedia to save energy in banks will ensure the maximum people come on board as soon as possible.

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