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Trainers use video every day, yet video alone is very limited in its ability to provide:

1 – Interesting drag & drop quizzes that engage people and make them think harder

2 – Validation of the training, ie, pass or fail

3 – Input of individual results into your Learning Management System – LMS

4 – Overall instructional design – a guided end-to-end pathway

5 – Bookmarking, so people can learn in their own time

6 – Scoring so you can identify key areas where people are experiencing learning problems

7 – Help screens to explain terminology

8 – Downloadable pdfs, posters & forms, plus any take-home reference material

9 – Email links to further information and support materials on public sites or your intranet.

However when video is developed as part of a training multimedia application, the world literally opens up with numerous creative and structural possibilities that can make your training module decidedly more effective.

Multimedia Video has application in a variety of situations, inc

  • Distance learning
  • Virtual classroom
  • Induction
  • Refresher training
  • Best practice
  • Customer care
  • Blended learning
  • Management training
  • Online or offline situations

The only limitation of training multimedia video is when a laptop per person isn’t available.

This can happen on, say, building sites, or in instore training rooms where only a DVD player is available.

What else can multimedia video do for trainers?

The reverse also applies.

Many trainers develop elearning applications that are:

> Dull in their repetitive, prescriptive approach

> Hard to understand for EU workers

> Cheap-looking and unimpressive for today’s choosy audiences.

Adding video clips into elearning can literally transform the impact of a fairly static multimedia training module by:

  • bringing everyday situations to life
  • showing exactly what you mean
  • adding full audiovisual impact.


Whether you’re a trainer using multimedia or video – or both, it’ll pay you to understand how they can be combined to deliver more effective & enjoyable validated learning.

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