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Interactive training multimedia is little understood by many training & safety managers.

It seems to cover everything - from a simple training Powerpoint - to colossal interactive learning exercises.

So what is an interactive training multimedia?



Interactive training multimedia is a series of interactive slides - offline or online - that are designed to get your workforce engaged in "doing" - and not simply listening, watching or reading.

The key word is "doing".

And this produces engagement, which is your goal.


Why bother

Savo Group Research indicates that:

  • between 20% and 70% of training is forgotten inside a week
  • 90% of training is forgotten inside 6 months

Most training and safety managers know this more or less.

Many simply hold their hands up asking what they can do about it.

Interactive training multimedia lets the innovative trainer
harness the power of technology to engage and train better.

Because it gets remembered.


What are the ingredients of interactivity

The ingredients, elements, components of training multimedia can be whatever you can get into a digital format.

It's often seen as the next step beyond producing a training or safety video.

It combines graphics, video, voiceover, animation, music, images, quizzes, tests and interactivity - offline or online

- with the facility to sync with your LMS - Learning Management System - if required.

It's the ultimate digital engagement tool, and is tailor made for distance learning or unsupervised learning.

What it means to go interactive

Interactivity means more than having a button to take you to the next page.

You already know that many e-Learning packages are really just electronic books and might be better on paper

- especially as most people find it easier to read large amounts of text off paper rather than off a screen.

Your multimedia authoring tool - the software used to construct the package - let's you:

  • Set and record a variety of quizzes, tests and games
  • Display text, graphics and animation
  • Play audio and video
  • Use any digital media right at the point where you need it most


The case for interactive training multimedia

By and large, people learn by doing.

The closer you can get to a simulation of the situation or process you are teaching them about, the more realistic and involving the learning environment will be.

A challenging, media-rich learning experience, particularly if you can put a novel spin onto the content and presentation, is more likely to win the learner's interest than a worthy but predictable electronic lecture.

You can find out more and get samples of interactive training multimedia here.


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