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When a new video project comes along it's easy for everyone to get overexcited and jump straight into production - customers included.

But the last thing anybody wants is for a project to overrun and be rushed for delivery.

The reality is that for studio and client creativity to flow, every video production has to be planned and scheduled - in advance - and in detail.

At Studio Rossiter we use project scheduling software to manage this.

It helps everyone - client & studio alike - to collaborate effectively, and stay on top of every task that is assigned to them and their colleagues.

This way nothing is missed - or "accidentally" becomes loaded with hidden surprises.

Client Choice is King

We offer clients 3 basic entry points into the system, depending on how much they'd like to participate.

1 - at the entry level we provide a client with a pdf schedule, once per week - so they can stay on top of progress. No login is necessary for this.

2 - those clients who want to overview their projects closely, can go for the online option, which lets them logon and see everything about their project from a single dashboard, anytime.

3 - this option is for clients who want to actively collaborate with the studio team by posting messages, and uploading files & images directly into the system - creating very close studio/client relationship.

As a client you can pick your level, to suit what you need best.

Here's a quick overview of the 3 main tools a client can use in our Scheduling system.

Task Manager

The Task Tracker gives you a great overview of your aims for the day or week.

One click lets you dive deeper into the detail - revealing time entries, assigned users and completion percentage.


Having to do multiple projects at once can be confusing for anybody.

We make sure this doesn't happen with automated Clash Detection.

Clash Detection ensures we don't allocate, say, the same editor to working on 2 different video projects at the same time, or otherwise have to be in two places at the same time.

Gantt & Calendar

The Gantt View is a clear visual overview of a project - as an easy-to-understand timeline.

It gives a clear outline of each task and its dependent tasks. So for example, if one task hasn't yet been completed then the next task can't be started.

Such as storyboarding before the script has been approved.

Or editing prior to filming!

The Calendar View gives a straight week-on-week, or day-by-day views, of what lies ahead.


These days, clients can expect to choose how much involvement they want in a video project.

And they have the right to know exactly what the "state of play" is at any one time.

Online project scheduling does exactly this by offering better choices and up to date information - all from a single dashboard.

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