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So you’ve got a price for producing your new training video – or maybe you’re waiting on one.

But what exactly does go into making up this cost. Do you know?

How much of this cost is seen and appreciated by you? And what’s largely unseen – and generally not appreciated?

To help answer this these key pricing questions, we’ve put together a shortlist of the 8 major cost components of a typical training video

– backed up by our verdict.

1 – Script

Scripts are seen as a given by many training and safety video clients, and not generally perceived as a high value item.

Our response: A 3 minute “How-To” video script may be a relatively easy thing to write. But motivating a widespread workforce to change their inbuilt attitudes seems like a high value skilled job to me.

Verdict: Part Seen Cost

2 – Storyboard

Storyboards are a key document in managing a tight shoot schedule, as well as showing all the creativity recommendations. Yet storyboards are largely not understood.

Our response: Creative storyboards can take up to 2 days to write, using 2 people. And they have to be very exact. So we think they’re a relatively high value, unseen job.

Verdict: Unseen Cost that is rarely considered

3 – Filming

Most training and safety managers perceive filming as the high value component of the production. For many it’s the visible, obvious side of the video production process.

Our response: Filming varies from project to project. Many managers don’t yet appreciate the quality boost they get from using a second camera and other live filming special effects, such as steadicam for moving shots, or glidetrack for cinema like shots.

Verdict: Part Seen Cost


4 – Locations & travel

Often training managers need to shoot at multiple locations, so different work scenarios can be shown. Sometimes this requires an additional day of shooting, which is generally perceived as necessary cost.

Our response: The unseen cost is the crew travel to a location that may be 50 miles from the original location, and require overnight crew costs. Yet many managers fret at this as they hadn’t taken it into account in their original budget calculations.

Verdict: Often an Unseen Cost

5 – Actors

Using actors to play the parts of operatives or managers is a novelty for many first time training video buyers, and often perceived as a luxury.

Our response: Actors make a video look more convincing than using own staff, especially for lead roles that matter. This is still an unseen for most trainers and safety advisers.

Verdict: Usually an Unseen Cost

6 – Voiceover & music

Professionals everywhere insist on a top voiceover these days, as it carries more authority, without sounding authoritarian. Music is less appreciated.

Our response: We agree. There’s no substitute for a pro voiceover, and most managers ask for this. Music is often seen as something that should come for nothing.

Verdict: Largely a Seen Cost.

7 – Editing

Everyone sees editing as a necessary cost. It’s the “magic bit” in the studio after all the filming is completed.

Our response: Fine editing takes longer than many customers think. Coarse editing is quite quick, which is one reason why there are so many boring talking heads sections in so many videos.

Verdict: Part Seen cost

8 – Graphics

Most trainers see graphics as essential item for titling, captioning speakers to camera, and captioning key learning points.

Our response: Graphics create a thematic unity that can bind a video comprising many different shots into a coherent whole. If your corporate style matters, then high quality graphics matter too.

Verdict: Part seen cost


With 8 major cost elements making up the true final cost of a training video, we find:

> 3 cost elements are unseen by training and safety managers, and probably come as a surprise when doing final budgeting.

> 4 elements are partly seen by managers. Generally most managers like to have these items explained clearly so they can see what they get for their money.

> Only 1 element is fully seen and appreciated right from the outset of the budgeting process. Voiceover.

We hope these 8 Seen & Unseen Costs help you understand and plan your next training video production to get the most value for your budget.

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