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Safety videos are everywhere and vital in many industries.

Recreating a workplace accident on video gives an otherwise fairly prescriptive safety video a powerful dramatic boost.

Operatives will sit up and take notice when they see the life-wrecking consequences of unsafe behaviours and taking short cuts.

The accident you stage can be anything from horrific to the merely painful.

Showing a dramatised accident like this can be a very positive approach to safety training, especially if it’s shown as part of an overall safety presentation, whether video or powerpoint.

If you have plants in many countries, a non-speaking accident video will speak the same message in every language which, in turn, eliminates the need (and cost) of producing multiple versions in many languages.

The Accident Drama Team

A collaborative and specialised production team will ensure each production element in the final video to be perfect.

Here’s a list of which specialists you’ll need to deliver your accident re-enactment.

> Two camera operators to ensure you don’t miss a little bit of the action in complex scene setups, which are difficult to re-create, eg, scenes that involve breaking or smashing stuff.

> A stunt specialist who can devise simple yet convincing stunts, that won’t take forever to film.

> A Make up artist to create realistic looking effects, like blood spray and dripping cuts.

> Credible actors your employees will relate to

> Last but not least – You, the Client, who can describe in detail how an accident takes place, and what exactly happens when things go wrong.


A detailed storyboard is important as it allows everyone on the team to visualise what’s going to happen on camera.

Props need special consideration.

For example, if an accident involved glass getting smashed and cutting up an operative, harmless Sugar Glass can be used.

Mannequins also allow accidents to be filmed realistically. Replacing actors with mannequins means dangerous stunts can be produced safely, eg, crushing a body with an excavator or fork lift truck.

Patience is important as you can expect to spend more time planning and setting up scenes than you would for a regular safety video. It’s important to be prepared to keep focused and concentrated when filming a lengthy scene.

A Unique Video

Creating a unique safety video specific to your industry can explain very clearly the risks & hazards that can arise through taking short cuts.

Showing accidents – either recreated or fabricated – will shock your workforce into understanding how dangerous it can really be – by just taking a shortcut “that everyone does in a hurry”

Check out this link to our web page on Health & Safety video production at Studio Rossiter:


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