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Q: We’re implementing a new system for measuring and improving safety performance, and we need a better way to roll this out to our line management than our existing powerpoint presentation. The new safety system is initially complex and take-up is therefore slow.

How can we improve our take-up?

Health, Safety & Environment Director
UK Construction Group

A: Immediately three things spring to mind:

1 – The explanation of the new system isn’t presented clearly as a training message, and possibly it bewilders as much as it explains

2 – Powerpoint presentations require skilled knowledgeable presenters, which might be in short supply for a new and relatively complex system

3 – Powerpoints can look dull and unimpressive, while a new safety system should like dynamic and appealing

My response is that you need a talking multimedia, a presentation that autoruns with graphics captions and professional voiceover.

Here’s why:

Clear Explanation
The first part of developing any multimedia is to develop the script.

Sitting with a professional scriptwriter, who is expert at developing clear understandable training messages, will result in a script that really does explain your new system clearly to your line managers.

I’ve been in this situation many times myself, and know that it takes 2 or 3 scripting sessions to get it really right so that the message flows in an easy-to-absorb way, that will appeal to change-resistant line managers. Professional assistance will eliminate the problem of your presentation not being clearly understood.

Talking Presentation
With any new system there will be a shortage of knowledgeable presenters to explain the new system.

A Talking Presentation eliminates the need for a presenter.

Users, in this case line managers, insert the cd-rom and watch the safety presentation on their PC. Graphics, images, captions and voiceover automatically roll through, delivering the perfect script that we developed in 1 above.

If there is a group of managers to induct into the new safety system, then the presenter person simply plays the talking cd-rom from their laptop via a projector in the meeting room.

Either way, you deliver a perfectly scripted message every time, without being dependent on a skilled knowledgeable presenter being available.

Great Looks
Powerpoints often look dull and uninspiring. This is partly due to the limitations of PowerPoint, but as often as not is due to the lack of graphic design skills of the person producing the powerpoint.

Using a professionally developed multimedia will solve this at a stroke.

You could even add some video to it, maybe voxpops of happy users endoring the new system

Taking this apporach means that your terrific new safety system will look as impressive to your audience as it feels to you. This is what you get by employing a pro multimedia design team to put it all together for you.

It will ensure you don’t undersell your message.

The Cost Benefit
A voiced multimedia of the complexity you require will cost maybe £10,000 to produce, possibly more.

But look at what you save:

1 – Supporting poorly trained managers costs a fortune. It ties up staff forever, explaining the same old answers to the same old problems. A clear attractive multimedia will reduce your support burden.

2 – The cost of sending out a presenter person for every single induction is high. With a talking multimedia distance learning solution you could probably reduce this cost by half or more.

3 – Better trained managers using the system proficiently – sooner rather than later – is bound to have large cost benefit, not to mention a big safety benefit

You can view voiceover multimedia presentations here
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