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Q) I see from your website that you push using actors in a contractor induction video.

Why should I spend the extra money for this?

Factory Safety Manager

Gloucester, UK

Why use actors?

There are 5 standard reasons why it’s easier & better to use actors in place of your own staff in a contractor video.

Here they are:

1 – Own staff busy

In an industrial video there are lots of scenes where people need to be seen carrying out various activities.

Here’s just a few examples:

> checking permits

> wearing the correct PPE

> operating equipment

> keeping up with housekeeping

> using a spill kit

The list is endless.

This means hijacking 2-5 people from their daily duties to appear in video, over 3 days of filming.

Typically 100-150 scenes are required to be filmed.

Most factories don’t have this many spare staff available for this long.

It’s not much dearer to hire actors, as hire in extra contractors to play these cameo roles.

2 – Registering intelligence

In a modern contractor induction video production, you’ll need to show the elements of safety culture – as apart from a simple list of contractor do’s & don’ts.

For example, when filming a Stop & Think or similar situation where the contractor is meant to use their intelligence.

eg, when a Contractor considers whether to access a locked off machine, or bypass a machine guard in some way.

In these situations, the Contractor needs to register intelligence & thought as they Stop & Think.

Own staff can rarely accomplish this.

They look wooden – which is fair enough as they’re not trained to act.

By contrast a professional actor will register thought & intelligence, conveying the safety culture message: Stop & Think, or, Don’t Walk By etc

This is just one example.

In any contractor video there are many situations like these, where it’s important to register thought on-camera.

3 – Own staff look wooden

Consider this:

You’re asking your contractor audience to watch a 10-15 minute video.

And the video is populated by people who look wooden.

How much notice is a contractor going to take of wooden characters, especially if the same boring, glitchy characters keep reappearing in the video in different scenes?

Thought not.

Professional actors will hold the audience attention in a 1,000 small ways.

And you’re audience will watch – instead of drift off.

4 – Own staff take longer

Most scenes in a video need filming 3-5 times, perhaps from different angles, or with closer shots.

A professional actor knows how to keep the same position and gestures for each shot.

An amateur doesn’t – they shuffle and move and generally forget what they did for each take.

With maybe 150 scenes (and 500 individual camera shots) for the average contractor induction video, this slows the whole crew down.

Everything runs slower.

An actor works much faster, and gets more done.

5 – The overall level of finish

Actors add added-value into every scene.

They add – not take away value.

The net result of using actors is a better overall finish to your video.

And this will make your contactor audience pay more attention when viewing


Please don’t take it that using your own staff isn’t possible.

It is.

But you’ll get a better result with actors, and the real cost is much lower than you think.

Consider this:

It’s okay to pay to get a thing right.

You just don’t want to get it wrong.

So where does the corner cutting stop?

And no one will thank you for producing a cheap video that is sort of okay – when something much better could be done for a little more.

Your contractor induction video will last you 10 years.

So consider using actors for a more professional video.

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