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Q: Is it possible to buy a training video that won’t put my operatives asleep?

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A: A training video is not dependant on boring text or a poor lecture.

It can be engaging, interesting and – if made right – entertaining.

And this is vital for getting your message across.

After all, what you need to deliver is an important educational course that will have more than measurable effects on the productivity of your business.

If you can make your message sink in, then your operatives will make your lessons work – and your company will be more productive for it.

If you can’t, then the opposite will happen – errors will be made and production will slowly and painfully grind to a halt.

What a modern interactive training video can deliver

It’s 2012. A modern training video can provide more than just a watch-and-listen experience.

It can be interactive.

An operator can load the training video – be it through a DVD or on a computer – and select the part that is directly applicable to them.

Now – if it has been made correctly – the viewer should find it entertaining and engaging.

To guarantee this it’s important to make sure the video:

> has a good script

> has an accurate storyboard

> is shot with professional equipment

> is edited by a fully qualified editor

> and has been through various an essential stages of post production – such as animation, titles, colour correction etc.

Once your operators have finished watching it – then they should be presented with an interactive Q&A option.

The viewer should be able to put what they’ve learned to the test via an interactive set of questions.

This will make sure the information is really learned and stays with them.

And it will – of course – stop them from falling asleep!

How a training video can stop your operatives from falling asleep

A well made training video should be:

> entertaining

> informative

> and engaging.

A combination of traditional storytelling techniques combined with interactivity will make sure your operatives remain alert both when viewing the video and doing their job.

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