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A recent customer experience impact report by Harris Interactive found that:“Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience.”

Retail customers value customer service.

With more and more people purchasing their items online, the fact that somebody has actually bothered to leave the house and visit your store should be appreciated.

In fact, your customer will expect to be appreciated.

It’s up to your staff to do this – it’s up to your staff to make them feel welcome and wanted.

So what’s the best way to achieve this?

Teach your staff through a retail training video

A retail training video is the most effective way to teach interpersonal skills to your staff.

A good retail training video will feature:

  • A brilliantly written script
  • A well shot storyline
  • And credible characters – played by professional actors

Your staff will need something to relate to – and people relate best to other people.

So having characters portray a real life customer service situation – almost a mini-drama – will be invaluable in their understanding of what’s required.

A memorable E-Learning experience

The great thing about digital training video is that it can be truly interactive.

If you plan to build an engaging interactive training multimedia learning experience, it’s virtually a guarantee of viewer involvement.

What this means in practice is that your latest retail training video can have detailed, measurable Q&A sections

– the kind of tests, quizzes and games that people like.

Then you can thoroughly test the viewer in what they’re learned, with properly validated results.

Measuring the results

Is this the time & place to remind training managers that “80% of training is probably forgotten inside 7 days.” (source Savo Group)

That aside, the results of interactive video training are obvious:

If colleagues know what they’re talking about at the end of an interactive multimedia video and can pass all the engaging tests you set them

– then they’ll know what they’re talking about when they’re in front of customers

– next week – and 6 months from now.

And these enhanced interpersonal skills will bring your retail business more customers.

A study by the Peppers & Rogers Group found that:

“81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition.”

A 2016 retail business needs staff with good – actually, excellent – customer service skills to keep ahead of its competition.

And the best way to teach customer service skills is through a well produced, interactive retail training multimedia video.

It’s an investment that will pay off many times over.

Footnote: This blog was originally posted 3 years ago, but has been viewed so many times that we gave it a spring clean, added more research, and republished it.

If reading this article makes you think: “Yes, it all sounds very good – but it’d never work for me” please reach out to me and explain your situation. Whatever the barriers, our combined experience will probably overcome it.

And while it’s still true that poor interpersonal skills loses retail customers faster than you can blink, measured interactive learning will make sure it doesn’t happen on your watch.

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