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How to plan a contractor induction video

Studio Rossiter are proud to announce their second comprehensive White Paper for Safety Professionals – How to Plan a Contractor Induction Video.

This 22 page White Paper is written by Head Producer and contractor video expert, Kevin Rossiter

– who’s possibly produced more Contractor Induction videos over 25 years than anyone else in the World.

It includes all the key points you need to consider when planning your next contractor induction video.

The White Paper clearly spells out the 10 Must-Have Wins for a Contractor Induction video

– backed up by a 14 point Induction Video Plan.

Here some of the wins you can expect:

1. Significantly more of your contractors will comply with your SSOW.

2. Significantly more of your contractors will actively engage with your safety culture & behavioural safety standards

3. You’ll be aware of a reduction in corner-cutting and other incident-generating unsafe behaviours

4. Less contractors will turn up only part-prepared, eg, incomplete RAMS or PPE

5. Contractor-related RIDDORS will go down

6. The actual time taken for induction will dramatically reduce

7. Your company image & brand will look better – not worse.

8. You can better cope with a sudden influx of contractors, eg, at plant shutdown.

9. Contractors will generally seem better behaved and less “cowboyish”

10. Every Contractor will be validated as having received safety induction video training

Now add in the 14 Point Plan, and you have everything you need to get started.

You can also see our dedicated Contractor Video Production page here

– complete with video samples.

The download is free. Enjoy!


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