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Question: The reason for investigating induction training video production is that our company doesn’t yet have what I think is an adequate induction process.

I’m looking for a better way of showing “who we are”, “the values of the company” and “what we see as achievement”, alongside the usual relationship of company and employee expectations.

We possibly want a induction training video production that is more interactive.

Health and safety is a crucial part of the training.

I don’t want it to just fulfill health and safety regulation or requirements, I want our employees to be enthusiastic about health & safety.

All employees will use this training video induction no matter what their entry level.

We are a growing company and through training we want to maintain high standards of care and achievement.

Head of Human Resources
Healthcare Provider

There is a selection of induction training video production methods available, some more effective than others.

They will all fill the requirements necessary to achieve your goals, but each will deliver different types of benefits, and have different costs.

There are three main strategies you could use for induction training video:

  • Online Elearning
  • Training Multimedia
  • Interactive video or iDVD

Online Elearning Production

You can use this to serve as a modular induction training video.

This type of production covers all the essential requirements including your company objectives and the employee’s role.

This method also allows access anywhere with internet coverage (and enough bandwidth to stream mp4 video) for your employees to complete their induction.

This training induction approach includes quizzes and tasks for your employees.

They will receive a certificate on completion to go into their records.

It will provide a comprehensive and thorough induction, but it needs the inclusion of many video clips to be impactful. Text & images-only training is not sufficient.

Strengths: Comprehensive, easily accessible to employees, it allows you to be thorough in terms of content, validates, can integrate with HR SCORM compliant records, produces an actual printed certificate..

Weaknesses: An elearning production can be boring if text-only based and so employees may not engage, and they may end up rushing through it.

Training Multimedia Production

Training multimedia can produce similar training productions as an online Elearning packages.

It can be delivered though DVD (less common in 2016) or as a .exe file played from a laptop and projector.

It does enjoy the advantage of sound however, so a voice-over artist can explain what the employee is seeing and reading, which effectively doubles its audience impact.

This really adds to the production, and the engagement of the audience.

It does not just entertain, it makes sure the employee understands and absorbs the information much more than just pictures and text. BBC research states that “when sight and sound are combined then information retention is almost doubled compared with sight or sound alone“.

Strengths: Can feature extensive content, more exciting to the viewer with audio, animation or video, greater understanding and retention of your subject, validates.

Weaknesses: A training multimedia production is standalone and doesn’t necessarily integrate with IT (unless you have a learning management system – LMS), and it costs more.

iDVD production

iDVD means interactive DVD. This is where the employee will watch the induction video then – using the remote control – answer multiple choice questions.

When bandwidth is bad, or video streaming is firewalled off, DVD or USB stick still works.

Each section will involve a piece of footage, then a quiz based on the action.

Not only can you cover all the topics from your introduction about the company, employee expectations, right down to detailed health and safety situations, but they will receive added the bonus of instant validation and feedback.

Strengths: Engaging to the audience, works only a DVD player with TV and remote or computer required, validates, memorable, it’s impressive and gets taken seriously.

Weaknesses: Interactive training DVD can prove expensive if it’s a long production, no IT integration.

If you want more information about digital video training methods click here


Your choices depend on your requirements and budget.

Online elearning is usually the cheapest and interactive DVD production dearer, with training multimedia generally priced between the two.

When budget constraints don’t matter then iDVD provides a fantastic user experience and leaves a memorable impression that permeates into the way your employees operate.

All the options have different roles and benefits so you need to think about why your making this video.

Is your main objective a dazzling production style which will astound the audience, offering a complete and comprehensive guide to your business and health and safety, or does it need to be 100% price competitive.

All the available production methods above an be produced into a quality induction training package, so find out what your company needs from it’s induction.

Then pick the induction training video production style that delivers your business the most effective benefit.

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